Shelter 2 – General Guide (Feeding, Dangers, Maps, Achievements)

This guide is to help you raise all four of your cubs safely.

Summarised Guide


When hunting, constantly spam the drop button, this lets you catch multiple rabbits at the same time. For deer, run and jump to catch them.

  • 1 rabbit feeds 2 of your cubs, so catch one, drop, catch, carry to previous rabbit.
  • 1 deer feeds all 4 cubs.
  • 1 frog/mole feeds 1 cub.
  • 1 pheasant feeds 3 cubs (so use a mole to feed the last one).
  • 1 fox feeds all 4 cubs.
  • 1 eagle feeds all 4 cubs.
  • 1 nest of eggs feeds all 4 cubs.

Drinking water also helps regain stamina and restore hunger in your cubs but it will not fully feed them, only a small bit. Focus on food.

Always be hunting, constantly feeding (I do this, i haven’t had a starving cub for the past 3 generations).

The mother lynx does not need to eat, she will not die (she will only pass out if you swim or get attacked) though eating does help restore stamina.

Your cubs take a while to starve but doing the hunting trick will prevent it of you’re constantly hunting.


The lonesome fog is a large cloud of smoke, it isn’t harmful but the mother lynx starts hissing, calls for your cubs become shrieks.

Just sit there and wait for it to pass, always call for your kits even if they are right next to you.

Fire, this happens randomly, just run out of the woods and constantly call for your cubs.

Water, you and your cubs cannot swim, only drink from it. You will pass out with a missing or starved cub.

Wolves, you cannot kill them, jump onto a platform and wait until they leave. In normal mode the cubs will jump up on their own, but in survival mode you have to carry them. if you get attacked you will pass out with a cub missing or starving.

Bears, basically do the exact same thing as the wolves.

Foxes, you can hear twigs breaking, quickly chase after them until they give up or run straight into them, this kills it for your cubs to eat.

Eagles, screeching can be heard, it will swoop down and take one of your cubs, run and jump to kill it and you’ll get your cub back as well as free food for your cubs.


The Home area is a single tree on the map, remember this. It is also the safest place to be if you want all cubs to survive. it has plenty of food.

Foxes and Eagles spawn here.

The Lake area is the 3 tree icon on the map, with a very large lake. it has lots of rabbits and deer for you to eat.

Eagles spawn here, i do not know about Wolves, Bears and Foxes.

The Tundra area is the snowflake icon on the map, it has rabbits and deer but not alot so be careful. Wolves, Eagles and Bears spawn here. I don’t know if foxes do but be careful just in case.


Circle of Life

  • This one is easy, just play and complete the game, have your cubs, raise them to adults, and get the credits scene

Maternal Instinct

  • Raise all 4 cubs to adulthood and get the credit scene with no cubs dying.

Lynx Mother

  • Raise all 4 cubs to adulthood and get the credit scene with no cubs dying on survival mode

A New Start

  • Go to the family tree option in the main menu and play as one of your adult surviving cubs

Three Generations

  • Once you’ve finished the game as one of your cubs, play it again as one of your new adult cubs, Making a third generation.

Five Generations

  • Play the game 2 more times as an adult surviving cub, making five generations.

Completely Cuckoo

  • Get this by Collecting all 42 Feathers

Flower Power

  • Get this by Collecting all 49 Flowers

Acquired Taste

  • Get this by Collecting all 39 Mushrooms

Rolling Stones

  • Get this by Collecting all 59 Rocks

Sticks of Truth

  • Get this by Collecting all 107 Branches

Natural Bedding

  • Get this by Collecting all 87 Leaves

Compulsive Hoarder

  • Get this by Collecting every Collectable

Secret Collectable Achievements

Tiger Skull

  • Get this by finding the Siberian Tiger skull in the tundra area

Fox Skull

  • Get this by finding the Fox skull in the Den/Home area

Mammoth Tusk

  • Get this by finding the Mammoth and collecting its tusk in the tundra area (winter only)

Blue Feather

  • Get this by finding the Blue Feather in the Den/Home area


  • Get this by finding the Rose in the lake area (I recommend getting this in winter as the lake is frozen)

Pink Feather

  • Get this by finding the Pink Father in the Den/Home area

Pink Flower

  • Get this by finding the Pink Flower in the Den/Home area

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