Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – Quick Tip: White Rings

White Rings

So, I’m enjoying the game thus far, but I feel that the Tips tool is kinda… hidden. The tutorial menus are a bit…click them when they come up, but don’t miss them.

For instance, I’ve discovered this on my own, but I feel like I missed the tip at the hotel about it:

  • When you have a RED EYE icon, that means you need to look for the WHITE RINGS that pertain to the clue… however, you HAVE to have the CLUE PINNED that relates to that clue, in order for the WHITE RINGS to pop up.
  • I spent sooo much time running around locations looking for those WHITE RINGS to pop up…. but they won’t, unless you PIN THEIR CLUE in the CASEBOOK
Written by wyndhambarnhill

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