Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis – How to Solve the Locker Room Puzzle

Solution for Locker Room Puzzle

So you should be able to work out a few locations based on what is physically at each locker. For example you find a tartan kilt sticking out of one, what nationality usually wears them and does anyone write about someone being that nationality.

You find a note in one locker, who was the note too?

Then it is looking through the letter and the information Hickman the drugged guard gives you which should help you place the others. The Warder shift may help you work out who was on duty with someone who gives you info.

The clue system goes through each of the clue step by step and does a good job nudging you without giving it all away.

To solve the puzzle you need to drag the names to above the correct lockers. when you have it all correct all the lockers get ticks on them and Sherlock says elementary.

When you are done instead of the eye interaction on the lockers you will now have the hand.

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