Shieldmaiden – Achievement and Collectible Guide

This guide contains the locations for the collectibles and other missable achievements in chronological order. If you missed some on your first playthrough, a level select is available after completing the game once.

Guide to Achievements and Collectibles

Modigard Main Terminal and Main Hub

The easiest way I found to do this achievement is to find a wall. Jump and hold the attack button to throw your shield and bounce it off the wall, then jump left and right to make the shield swing around you. This achievement isn’t tied to this level.


  • Make the Shield hover around Asta for 10 seconds

At the main hub area, pet the robo dog.

Is this a Dog?

  • Pet the dog

Warden’s Sanctuary

Warden’s Sanctuary – Promenade

This one isn’t missable and you get it by playing the game, but I added it because it’s a collectible.


  • Find the Sprout

When you reach this location, hold jump to get maximum height and dash to the platform on the right to get the newspaper.

Extra Extra

  • Find the Newspaper

At the first boss “The Warden”, while the flying protector robots are alive, use your shield block to stop a falling blue projectile from becoming a lotus enemy.

Don’t Step On The Grass

  • Don’t let the Wardenash create a lotus on the ground

Warden’s Sanctuary – Historical Area

Walk to the right and you will drop below the platform and get the ribbon

No present

  • Find the Ribbon

At the earliest you can get this achievement here by killing 5 enemies with a special attack, but it isn’t tied to this level so you can do it in future levels. To charge a special attack, block enemy projectiles.

You are special

  • Kill 5 enemies in a single Special Attack

After fighting a blue robot and a flying robot that drops yellow bullets, look to the left after you jump over the tree to get the book.

I understood that reference

  • Find the Book


Downtown – Commercial District

After crossing the bridge and entering the building, go around and drop between the platforms to get the telescope

Astral Observatory

  • Find the Telescope

After the broken building, at the screenshot location, drop down on the left and use a dash on the right to get the poster

New Kids on the Blocks

  • Find the Poster

Downtown – Scrapyard District

After the 2 lasers, at the screenshot jump to the left, then do a wall jump and dash left into the red container to get the glasses

Now you see me

  • Find the Glasses

Jump to the edge of the platform on the right, quickly wall jump then dash to the right to get the microphone.

Swan Song

  • Find the Microphone

Mt. Runa

Mt. Runa – Hospital

You can see the stuffed bear as you are passing by the level

I had one of this

  • Find the Stuffed Bear

Shortly after, at this screenshot location, go left, you can get damaged and use the i-frames to get the frame

Paper picture

  • Find the Frame

Getting the achievement is the easiest at the boss “The Fallen” on this level when he is doing the barrage of shots, block as you are sliding down a wall.

The Wall

  • Defend from a projectile during the wall slide

Mt. Runa – The Edge of the Dome

At this screenshot location, jump left, wall jump, dash left to get on the platform and jump to the left to get the police cap.

Law & Order

  • Find the Police Cap

After being locked in a fight and after this checkpoint you should hear a laser, drop down and jump to the left to get the globe.

Turn! Turn! Turn!

  • Find the Globe


Charge your special attack by blocking enemy projectiles then use it when the fast flying enemy is on the screen to kill it.

Gotta Go Fast

  • Kill the Passing Onslaught (the flying enemy inside the Cataclism)

There are no collectibles on this level.

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