Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate – Tips to Beat the Game

Tips from someone who beat the game.

Tips and Tricks

  • Focus on survival: This is the biggest thing. No matter how strong your build is, one mistake will end your run
  • As stated above, focus on picking the lesser of two evils rather than the stronger of two upgrades.
  • Firepower never hurts, even if it gives you a higher spread, being able to kill the king, or a strong threat quickly will increase success
  • Remember to use your souls for escapes.
  • Assassination seems to be the wisest strategy as you are guaranteed to get overwhelmed in later floors if you don’t kill the king quick enough.
  • Think about tempo, anything that saves you a turn is helpful and anything that costs you a turn is harmful.

Not a fan of the sniper/scope for this reason.

  • Grenade is trash.
  • Some upgrades do not stack.

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  1. It is very possible to make builds that can full clear, even on hard mode. Going directly for the king is very risky unless you have a very strong and precise build.

    You might want to add that you can click the gun to reload without moving.

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