Shovel Knight Dig – Hurry Up Achievement Guide

How to actually unlock the ‘Hurry Up’ feat.

How to Obtain Hurry Up Achievement


Hurry Up

  • Beat the game within 25 minutes.

The Guide

“Hey, I already beat a run in 25 minutes but I didn’t get the achievement. What’s up with that?”

  • You need to beat the game with a brand new profile.
  • You don’t beat a run within 25 minutes.
  • You have to beat the game within 25 minutes.

This is you beating a run with all your cool gear and optimising your strategy. Congrats, you get nothing but your own sense of self satisfaction (Lame).

This is you beating the game with a fresh mindset and a brand spanking new profile. You unlock the achievement and can now rub it in people’s faces (Very Cool).

You can start a new profile in the title screen.

It’s the third option. If you lose the run you must return back to the title screen and either choose a new blank profile or delete one to start over.

“But how do I beat the game in 25 minutes?”

Chill. It’s easy peasy.

You just gotta keep these tips in mind:

  • You’re not saving any money for the surface. Spend as much as you can in the run!
  • You should always save a bit of money for health upgrades. They let you brute force the game!
  • Remember to mash “start” to skip cut-scenes. Watching them counts as time wasted!
  • Go fast.
  • Ignore big side rooms! You obviously need to pinch money and buy upgrades but don’t get caught up in a monster room!
  • Don’t run out of health. You lose and that’s cringe.
  • Do try to collect the cogs but don’t waste too much time. They’re your main source of relics but they’re not worth wasting a whole minute to collect.

Dig fast by rapidly pressing the dig button.

“I left ‘Hurry Up’ as the last feat I have to unlock for my profile. Is it too late to unlock it?”


But hey, maybe down the line the game will get an update to unlock it via runs instead of profiles and this whole guide will be obsolete. Oh boy wouldn’t that be embarrassing for me.

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