Sifu – Attaining Wude (Spare All Bosses)

An in depth guide with tips and tricks to spare each boss and obtaining the Wude outfit.

Fajar – The Botanist

Shrine / Skill upgrades:

This fight can be easily completed without any skill upgrades, I recommend upgrading weapon proficiency to increase damage on enemy structure with weapons.

Breaking Fajar’s Structure (1st Phase):

With every boss you must get them into their second phase in order to spare them. It’s best to enter the boss arena with a weapon found in the previous room, before entering the boss arena, as there are no weapons found in the first phase of this fight. Break his structure and execute to begin the second phase.

Breaking Fajar’s Structure (2nd Phase):

When the second phase starts Fajar will lunge from the tall bamboo, avoiding and blocking this attack will damage his structure. Bamboo poles can be found on the edges of the forest, making breaking his structure rather simple. Once you break his structure DO NOT execute or keep hitting him, allow him to recover.

Break his structure again and you will be given the option to spare, unlocking the first part of Wude.

Sean – The Fighter

Shrine / Skill upgrades:

I upgraded strong sweep focus to knock Sean to the ground and give me some breathing room while fighting him, I also upgraded weapon proficiency again as there are polearms in the first phase of the fight that can be brought to phase two, making it easier to break structure.

Breaking Sean’s Structure (1st Phase):

Having fully upgraded weapon proficiency at this point getting to Sean’s phase 2 is relatively easy. There are polearms sitting in a rack on the sides of the arena, sticking close to these you can get hits on Sean and replace your quarterstaff if it breaks or gets knocked out of your hands.

When executing on his broken structure make sure you have a weapon in your hands, as this can be brought to phase two of the fight.

Breaking Sean’s Structure (2nd Phase):

In this phase there are no more weapons in the arena, if you managed to bring one with you from the first phase then it should make it easier. Your weapon will most likely break before you can break his structure, you will have to rely on dodging and parrying. Avoid high damage and stick with light attacks, if you get his health down before his structure breaks you will not have the option to spare. Break his structure for a second time and you will have the option to spare, unlocking more on the path of Wude.

Kuroki – The Artist

Shrine / Skill upgrades:

Upgrade weapon catch as Kuroki’s kunai can be caught and thrown back at her. Use shrine upgrades at your discretion. Extra focus bars are always useful.

Breaking Kuroki’s Structure (1st Phase):

If you have the elevator key a bat or knife can be brought to boss arena from the guards in the atrium. If you don’t make your way to the boss arena through the level as normal. Break Kuroki’s structure by dodging her fast attacks, try and close the distance to make follow up hits easier.

Breaking Kuroki’s Structure (2nd Phase):

This is where upgrading weapon catch comes in handy. When Kuroki begins her second phase she’ll start by rushing the player with fast attacks and then jumping back throwing a line of kunai. She follows up by throwing one or two single kunai, which can be caught and thrown back at her. Kuroki will lunge which is one of her easier tells, and can be parried once the timing is learned.

Like the rest break Kuroki’s structure but DO NOT execute or hit her, break her structure again and the option to spare will show.

This unlocks the third step to the path of Wude.

Jinfeng – The CEO

Shrine / Skill upgrades:

I would recommend having pushback cancel, raining strikes and chasing strikes. This fight is very difficult and getting a lot of strikes in makes breaking Jinfeng’s structure a lot easier.

Breaking Jinfeng’s Structure (1st Phase):

This fight will require a lot of precise timing. With this first phase stay in close and try to get a lot of hits in before she can pull back. Her pattern is recognizable but still very tricky. Break her structure enough to get to the second phase.

Breaking Jinfeng’s Structure (2nd Phase):

Once phase two starts don’t bother staying close, wait for her to start swinging and dodge the incoming attacks. She will eventually pull you in, this is where you can land a few strikes before she knocks you back again. Take your time with this fight. Break her structure twice, spare her and continue the path of Wude.

Yang – The Leader

Shrine / Skill upgrades:

Upgrade your structure as much as you can, and impact of parry on enemies. Focus meter is useless in the fight.

Breaking Yang’s Structure (1st Phase):

When entering the arena you should notice four symbols on the wall light up as you pass, if they all do you have spared every boss prior.

Yang is the fastest attacking enemy, his hits are very hard to parry. But his combos remain consistent. Use the environment in the first phase arena to get some room between you and yang. Yang’s structure regens very fast, so keep constant hits in between parries. Break his structure and execute to enter phase two.

Breaking Yang’s Structure (2nd Phase):

In this phase Yang’s combos are pretty much the same, his leg sweep and three punch combo and his basic moves are much faster in this phase. His strikes hit much harder as well, dealing much more damage.

Break his structure twice and spare him to enter into the final phase.

Breaking Yang’s Structure (3rd/Final Phase):

You’ll have one more phase to get through with Yang.This section requires you to break Yang’s Structure, and he can do the same to you. Your health bar disappears, and the ability to age and retry is not available. Just block, avoid, and parry him to break his Structure one last time. Unlocking the final path of Wude.

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