Sifu – Tips for Ferocity, Speed, Strength, Accuracy

Ferocity, Speed, Strength and Accuracy Tips

The main tips I can provide are:

  • Use finishers as soon as you have them. The more health an enemy has before performing one, the more points you’ll get from them, many hundreds in some cases. One bit of advice said to milk the health of your enemies as much as possible before killing them; I did not find that to be helpful.
  • Weapons are good to use and are encouraged as they give you extra points in many cases. Use the weapon specific focus moves when you have them (e.g. the Baseball Bat bash) as that can net you a few hundred points quite easily.
  • Try to vary up your moveset a bit for a few extra points. The moves I found to be helpful were the hold down heavy attack for a sweep motion, and up down light attack for a kicking motion. These do a lot of structure damage and not much health damage, so when you come to use a finisher, you’ll get more points.
  • And of course, keep to the 3x multiplier as much as possible, and use taunt and calbot if it drops too much. You don’t have to keep it at 3x religiously to get the 20,000, I dropped a fair few times in the run I just finished, but try to keep it like that most of the time. Use whatever you can to keep the combo from dropping in some cases.

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