Silica – Human Structures Guide

Human structures utilize local materials such as sand, rock, and metal, constructed using an additive fabrication technique that employs high temperatures for molding and shaping.

Guide to Human Structures


These buildings produce units or serve other support roles, such as for upgrading or research. In general, buildings are very large complexes and require ample space, making it difficult to remain undetected. At the same time, their colossal size provides protection against attacks.

All Human Structures


The Headquarters serves as a base of operations, providing logistical support crucial to construction, which is why it’s the building you start off with in Strategy mode. You can create all other structures through your Headquarters and upgrade them as the game progresses.


Seeing as you start off the game with your Headquarters, the first structure you can build is the Refinery. Processing Balterium ore requires a complex series of delicate reactions, which is this structure’s sole purpose (and it comes equipped with its own Harvester).


The silo is a medium sized structure that provides additional storage for refined Balterium.


This is a large structure that trains and equips infantry soldiers for the battlefield.

Light Vehicle Factory

This small factory produces light vehicles, with armored cars available after the construction of a research facility.

Heavy Vehicle Factory

This large factory produces heavy vehicles, such as tanks, which are crucial for a powerful assault.

Ultra Heavy Vehicle Factory

Dwarfing even a Harvester, this colossal factory produces the largest vehicles, like the massive Siege Tank.

Radar Station

This radar telemetry processing station provides improved sensor range and detection capabilities. Simply put, it increases view distance of your units through the fog of war.


Serving as a remote base of operations as well as a strategic defense point, Outposts may also be utilized to extend base range.

Research Facility

This facility serves as a research hub, featuring several sites on which additional towers are sequentially built, providing upgraded capabilities in the form of additional structures and units. There are four stages through which you can upgrade the Research Facility, from Mark I to Mark IV. Each time you upgrade it, new additions of structures and vehicles unlock!

Game Start

In the Barracks, you have the option to produce Scouts and Riflemen.

The Light Vehicle Factory can produce Light Quads.

Mark I

In the Barracks, you can start producing Marksmen.

The Light Vehicle Factory offers the Heavy Quad.

Mark II

Your Light Vehicle Factory can produce the Light Armored Car.

In your Headquarters, you can build the Heavy Vehicle Factory, which is able to produce Heavy Armored Cars.

Once you’ve built the Heavy Vehicle Factory, you can start building the Ultra Heavy Vehicle Factory, where you can produce a Harvester.

Your Barracks offer you the option to produce a Heavy.

Mark III

The Heavy Vehicle Factory can additionally produce the Rocket Launcher and the Hover Tank.

In the Barracks, you can now produce a Commando.

Mark IV

The Heavy Vehicle Factory can start producing the Railgun Tank and the Pulse Tank.

The Ultra Heavy Vehicle Factory can produce the terrifying Siege Tank!

You can build additional Headquarters.

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