Skelton – How to Beat Skelton (with Tips and Map)

A full guide with tips & a map.

Guide to Beat Skelton

All credit goes to Hyper!


The aim of this game is to find “travellers” and bring their teleportation devices back to spawn.

There are a total of six travellers in the game, one appearing after collecting the previous. They randomly spawn in one of five predetermined locations, which are listed below:

  1. Deep in the underground bunker
  2. On the bottom side of the ramp in the North-East
  3. Amongst the boxes on the North-West side
  4. Behind the shop with the ‘OPEN’ sign in the South-East
  5. By the North-East tree

After bringing all six traveller teleportation devices back to spawn, you will be transported inside the space-time magnet. Here, you will be given a new weapon and encounter some new enemies. Your goal is to hit the red face six times, after which the game will end.

The map has eight walls. If you stick to them, you will eventually find one of two inaccessible tunnels, which are easy landmarks to get back to if you get lost. The tunnels have a single road which goes through the centre of the map connecting them.

There are multiple large structures, but they don’t seem to serve any purpose.

The aforementioned underground bunker, aside from being a traveller spawn area, also seems to be safe from enemies.

Map & Key

Below is a guide and key for the main map and underground area. The scale is probably way off, but I’ve done my best with the resources at my disposal. I’ve opted not to map out the space-time magnet as it is extremely easy to die here and requires a full run to get back to. The easiest way to get through this area is to walk clockwise, sticking to the outer walls.

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Next to the Northmost tunnel, I managed to find a robot with a lever on the back of his head (Indicated by the pale blue dot). Interacting with the lever makes the robot’s wheels spin, however doesn’t seem to do much else.


There are apparently thirteen enemy types in the game. Five enemies are active from spawn; three mobile enemies (two of which I believe are named Big Head Man and Circle Machine) and two static enemies (Groundcannnons and Nebula Eyes). After finding four travellers, the music will change and new enemies will spawn. I have seen three new types of enemies, however the amount of enemies which spawn at this point is currently unknown.

Once transported to the space-time magnet, you will encounter three more enemies; two mobile and one static. The static enemy is in the form of acid pools. Simply walk around them to avoid damage. The other two I have dubbed ‘Shadow People’ and ‘Lawnmower Man’. The Shadow People cannot be stunned and will inflict one damage upon touching you. Lawnmower Man, however, will kill you instantly upon contact.

Data-mining suggests that the two remaining enemies may be NPCs and basic structures which were put in the wrong folder, however this is unconfirmed.


Three extra weapons have been found so far; a puppet in the maze, a pipe gun in the elevated building, and one which will be given to you after going inside the space-time magnet. The puppet weapon works sort of like a shotgun; short-ranged but with a longer stun. On the flipside, the pipe weapon has a longer range but a shorter stun. The final weapon is a melee weapon. It does not affect any enemies in the space-time magnet and can only be used to defeat the ‘final boss’. There does not seem to be any way to change weapons, other than picking up another.

Note: three shots with any weapon will reset the unnamed third enemy to one of his spawns. One shot with any weapon will destroy the black enemies which appear in phase two.

You may have noticed the health pickup in the spawn zone. So far, I have found nine of these throughout the map. When near one, the circle in the bottom right of your HUD will turn red.

You need to pick up a certain number of coins before being able to progress to the space-time magnet. I’m unsure what the exact amount is, but I think it’s at least ten.

It is unknown what the spiked pickups do.

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