Skullgirls 2nd Encore – How to Get Funded Achievement

Funded Achievement Tips

You simply need to land an 829-hit combo, it’s a reference to the IndieGoGo’s final tally of $829,829.

Go into Training Mode, set the dummy to never Burst, and do any kind of loop. You can also turn on infinite meter to make it easy, plenty of supers that will loop into themselves.

Also recommend making the dummy call assist, since a birthday will rack up twice as many hits.

Note: It’s also possible to get this achievement in one of the tutorial stages. If you go into the one that teaches you how to break out of infinite combos, you can get to the part where you have to “beat” Parasoul. Just let her wail on you until the combo hits 829, then hit any button. It takes no real effort to get the achievement that way.

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