Slime Rancher 2 – How to Befriend a Ringtail Slime

This is how to befriend a Ringtail Slime. This guide is very easy and simple and will only take a few minutes.

Guide to Befriend a Ringtail Slime

All credit goes to silly!

Make sure:

You have to make sure it is the right time/stuff you need to do this.

  1. It needs to be night.
  2. You need Jetpack.
  3. You need to unlock Starlight Strand.

Ember Valley is not in here because it is harder.


Step 1

  • For step one, go to Starlight Strand.

Step 2

  • Now, go up to the Hunter Slime place.

Step 3

  • Great job! Now go to Flutter Slime place.

Step 4

  • Now, you have to go the spawners. No Ringtails? Move to the next area (Remember, Largos matter!).

Step 5 (If found Largo Ringtail)

  • If you find a Largo Ringtail, bring it to the ranch! Put it in a corral, and feed it! Enjoy your new friend!

Step 5 (If find a normal Ringtail)

  • If you find a normal one, and theres time to find another one, look for another one! There is always time for a new friend. Now put it in a corral, and feed it! Enjoy your new friend!

Why Did I Make This?

I made this for no reason. I just like Ringtails.

Their just the criminals for Slime Rancher, I love it.

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