Smalland: Survive the Wilds – How to Double Stack Storage (Shelved Storage)

This guide will teach you how to double stack storage boxes. This is a way of creating shelved storage.

Create Your Foundation

Firstly, you want to create the foundations for where you will place your storage boxes.

Create a Second Raised Foundation

Next, build another raised foundation behind or next to the original foundation. This will not snap to the grid and will need to be placed freehand.

Here I used a wall, to the left, to help line it up at half height and at the edge of the original foundation.

Place Your First Layer of Storage

Now, you will want to place your first layer of storage.

Here I have placed two boxes.

Build a Floor

Using the raised foundation, you will now need to place a floor above the first layer of storage.

Place Your Second Layer of Storage

On top of the newly placed floor you will now place your second layer of storage.

Finishing Touches

Finally, you will add the finishing touches to complete your build. You can remove the raised foundation.

Here I have added a wall to the back using the original foundation and placed a roof on top of this as well as removing the raised foundation.

Useful and Additional Information

Can you use any storage boxes for this?

This will work with all storage boxes in the game currently.

Can you stack more than twice?

You are able to go above stacking twice if you want to.

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