Smalland: Survive the Wilds – How to Tame Your Bug (Ladybug, Grasshopper and Gecko)

How to tame ladybug, grasshoppers and geckos. The last section contains important information you should know about taming currently (at the time the guide was created).

Taming Bug Guide

Taming a Ladybug

Taming a ladybug is possible at the beginning of the adventure. The ladybug is used to put a backpack on it, which will allow you to store farm in it, as if it were a chest with legs. Very effective for taking large quantities of materials.

You need to create the following item to tame the ladybug:

When you get chitin by killing beetles, create the coarse axe, with it you can chop down plants and flowers that will provide you with nectar.

When you have crafted the backpack, locate a ladybug and leave it with less than half life. You will be given the option to tame it. It will instantly equip the backpack and will follow you everywhere.

Tame a Grasshopper

The grasshopper is used to move quickly around the map, as it is faster than the character on foot, and also the jump covers large distances. It is crucial for moving quickly from one place to another.

Taming grasshoppers requires you to have the cauldron, which is used to create more advanced cooking recipes and some “delicacies”. These delicacies are what you need to tame the grasshopper and the gecko.

By default, when you have the cauldron you will know the recipe for making the grasshopper delicacy:

To create the seed oil, you will also need the stone cutter, which among other things, is used for seed oil crafting.

In the same way as the ladybug, locate a grasshopper and leave it with less than half life. The taming option will appear and you will be able to ride it.

Tame a Gecko

The gecko is used to advance just as fast as the grasshopper, but with the disadvantage that you won’t have the grasshopper’s jump, in exchange you will gain a strong pet that will help you in confrontations and that has a good health.

To tame the gecko you will have to accept Skadi’s mission, which consists of eliminating the Rhino and getting its horn. When you accept the quest, you will see the Rhino’s location.

Once you give the horn to Skadi, he will teach you the recipe of the delicacy to tame the gecko. Create it in the same way as the grasshopper treat. The ingredients will be easy to come by at this point.

Finally, locate a gecko, leave it with less than half life to unlock the taming option, then you can ride it.

Important Information About Taming

  • Currently you can’t have more than one active pet. You must release or kill the current one, otherwise you will not be able to tame the other creature even if you have the necessary item.
  • The whistle can be craftable from the beginning of the adventure. Essential to call your pet to come to your current location.
  • Only the gecko is effective in the fight, the ladybug and the grasshopper are weak. But don’t worry, they will run away if they feel the enemy is stronger than them and then come back to you.
  • Sometimes, if you move too far away from your pet because it is bugged, there is a chance that they will become free again.
  • You cannot currently attack from pets mounts. You will have to get down to fight.
  • If you want the gecko to fight, get off it.
  • If they take damage you can heal them if you throw food on the ground with the option just throw.


  1. Got it…the problem was I already had a tamed ladybug. I am an Ark player and was expecting to kinda have a legion of tamed bugs. Evidently developers are not of the same idea.

    • Yes, it is the first point of the section Important information about taming , because I tried it too xD. Who knows, maybe in the future they will implement it.

  2. I’m afraid I am having a bug here. When trying to tame a grasshopper, I fight it with its treats in my pocket, and the ‘tame’ option doesn’t show up, so I have to kill it.

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