Smalland: Survive the Wilds – Smalland Complete Map

Almost complete map of Smalland in it’s current state. Complete with NPCs, Bosses and overlayed locations marked for creatures, and resources.

The Map of Smalland

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  1. Around the Wasp Queen are many Ressources!
    Honey, Seeds, Berries, Leek.

    a perfect place to farm!

  2. Map is looking pretty good! Come a long way since i last looked. Thanks for adding the tree locations!

    • I don’t know if you would care to change it for it. but there is two spider nests up by Nok and the Metal that have sacks for silk.

  3. is the yellow and black grass hopper tameable???

    located just over the water, on the right side of the rhino when looking at the map

    • no, the Lubbers are not tameable…sadly. There is also another accessible black hornet to the north of your Hornets, Flies marker. It is over the fence next to the tree…yes, there is one that is not accessible.

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