Smoke and Sacrifice – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide will show how you can obtaining all in-game achievements. Warning! There might be spoilers.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Number of achievements – 32
  • Multiplayer/Online achievements – 0
  • Achievement difficulty – 5 / 10
  • Approximate time for 100% – 15-20 hours
  • Number of runs for 100% – 1
  • Missable achievements – Yes
  • Does difficulty affect achievements: No
  • Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
  • Requires some DLC? – No

Story Related Achievements

Call To Adventure

  • Reach the Underworld.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Child of the Forest

  • Meet the Feral Child.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Tip: To know where the missions lead you, zoom in when you have the map open!


  • Use the Workbench.

Just create something in the Workbench.

Helping the Feral Child will unlock the Workbench, you will need to used it to progress.

Miss Piggy

  • Defeat a Porkupine.

Story related, cannot be missed.

This is the first miniboss we will encounter, you can find it around the center of Wildling’s Swamp, where the Feral Child is.

You Again

  • Meet an old friend.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Iced Him

  • Defeat Marduk, Priest of Bone.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Having a Blast

  • Use the Blastforge.

Just create something in the Blastforge.

Tip for locating the Blastforge activators:

  • The 3 activators are not that far away from the forge.

Means of Production

  • Use the Manufactory.

Just create something in the Manufactory.

Tip for locating the Manufactory activators:

  • East of the Craftmaster, before leaving the City biome.
  • East of the Craftmaster, in the Industrial biome.
  • Southwest of the Craftmaster, in the Industrial biome.
  • South of the Craftmaster, in the Ice biome.

Flame Grilled

  • Defeat Smotherk, Priest of Flame.

Story related, cannot be missed.

I Heart You

  • Discover the Heart of the World.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Searchin’ for the Urchin

  • Find your son.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Magic Maker

  • Use the Crucible.

Just create something in the Crucible.

Green Energy

  • Craft the Verdite Reactor.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Shock Defeat

  • Defeat Telemak, Priest of Lore.

Story related, cannot be missed.

A New Hope

  • Complete Smoke and Sacrifice.

If you see the credits rolling, you made it!

Missable Achievements

The achievements are, more or less, in appearance order.

Jelly Jar

  • Trap a Polyp.

For this one you need to catch an Polyp. We should catch an ice Polyp for the Crossbreeder achievement and kill two Polyp with one stone. I had more success at day time, not with the smoke. Put a trap near the ice Polyp, once it is already on the floor select the ice mushroom in the inventory and select: Place bait, move far away from the Polyp so it doesn’t focus on you anymore and it should go directly to the bait. If there is a wild ice mushroom in the area, it may go for it instead, so lure the ice Polyp far away from it before trying.

Crossbreeder (Part 1)

  • Help the Feral Child breed a pet.

This is a side quest given by the Feral Child after helping him with his main quest. It will give you a Polyp Trap recipe. The recipe needs a Specimen Jar, you can find it in:the trunk next to the child. If you got no Wooden Keys, there is also a vending machine if you advance a little in the story where you can get them.

Once you give him the ice Polyp, you can teleport to other area and come back, he will tell you to catch a fire Polyp with Sulphur as bait. This part is far into the future, so I will continue in Crossbreeder (Part 2).


  • Trap a Grim Raptor or Grim Cheeper.

A Cheeper trap can be found in a trunk in Northern Battlegrounds (one of the first Ice Biomes). Around the area there is a Grim Raptor and several Grim Cheeper, but they’re scatter around. I focused on the Grim Raptor and placed the trap near it, but it attacked me instead. I took the trap back and set it up a few times around the raptor until it finally went straight to the trap and to its end. This also will grant the achievement Antichickenator. Also the recipe for the trap can be found in a Stone in an ice biome named Frostblight, south of Moilgrind Village.


  • Defeat a Grim Raptor.

The first encounter will be in Northern Battlegrounds (one of the first Ice Biomes). You can defeat it with patience and good timing. But more will appear in other ice biomes, so you can upgrade your weapons/armor before facing it. Or just use the technique explained in Enraptored. Almost at the end of the game, you would have to kill 2 of them, so technically it is not a missable achievement.

Caught Like A…

  • Trap a Spark Rat.

The recipe for the Rat trap is given by a Moilgrind Urchin in Moilgrin Village. At the village you should have got a mission about killing those rats, and they should have given you some cheese to bait them. We can use that cheese to make five traps. The cheese also drops from some barrels if you used/ate (how could you?!) them. Just found an area with lots of rats, place a few traps, run around until one falls in it. It doesn’t need bait, the smelly bait is included already. Oh, and catch 2 of them, you will need them for another quest!

Treasure Trove

  • Dig up a hoard.

Once you get the Trowel you can start digging out Dirt Mounds located in Swamp biomes. It has a low change but, if you are lucky, one mound will give you several coins and this achievement.

Hatching a Plan

  • Incubate a Raptor Egg.

Raptor Eggs are commonly found carried by those vampire-flying-thing in Moilgrind at smoke time. Now we just need to find a Raptor Nest. The closest one seems to be at southeast of Moilgrind Village. The problem is Grim Raptors are found next to those nests and those will break if attacked. So kill them before trying or place the egg and run away from the nest. To incubate the egg just get close to the next and in the inventory click “Incubate”. Save before trying, if the nest is destroyed, you may lose the egg.


  • Defeat a Stoker.

You will found a lot in the Industrial biome, they are pretty easy to defeat but are not involved in any mission, so be sure to take one down.


  • Show off the result of a Behaviour Module.

The inhabitants of the Industrial biome will give us one side mission about catching some rats. After that,they will give us some Help-o-matic reprogram cards to try them out. Use them from the inventory once you are next to Help-o-matic (it is a robot in the Industrial biome). You can get one of those cards earlier, which probably will give the achievement too when used.


  • Blow up a Pumping Station.

Once you get the Blastforge up and running, you can come back to the Resistance for some side quests. One is about to blow up a Pumping Station, and we get the recipe for Powder Keg. We just have to use one next to one station and voilà! Some Powder Kegs are in locked thunks, so you may be able to do this even earlier.


  • Blow up a Spark Rat nest.

Same as the previous achievement. Just place a Powder Keg next to a Ventilation Pipe, one of those Spark rat nest in the Industrial biome.

Oliver Twist

  • Feed starving orphans.

After defeating Smotherk (the fire boss), Charstone Unchins will give you a side quest. Just complete the first one to get the achievement.


  • Break open a Larva Mound.

In the Brimstone biome there are lots of Larva Mounds around, just throw a gas bomb at them to make it vulnerable and hit it with melee. Get at least 5 of sulphur for the next achievement.

Who You Gonna Call?

  • Trap a Smoke Ghost.

When you get 5 sulphur come back to Charstone Village. The Drear Villagers there will ask for 5 units of sulphur, in return we will get 2 Ghost Traps and the recipe. Wait until smoke cycle, find a smoke ghost and place the trap near it. Run away so it will return to its original place and soon it should be your pet. Not so scary now, eh?

Crossbreeder (Part 2)

  • Help the Feral Child breed a pet.

Now it is a good time to catch that fire Polyp with Sulphur as bait. Give it to the Feral Child. Teleport somewhere and come back. He should give you a recipe but not the achievement. There is another quest chain, about that ice and fire Polyps breed, but even if you teleport or use the Nightcap, it won’t start. What worked for me was to teleport somewhere, wait for a complete day/smoke cycle to be complete and come back, if there is a small green Polyp, you have done it right. He should have a quest for you and the achievement!


  • Defeat a Male Pangocorn.

This one is roaming in the Brimstone biome, it is not that difficult to defeat and it drop pieces for the next achievement, Collector. Notice there are female and male versions. The male have several horns in the head and arms that looks like crab claws.


  • Show various esoteric objects to the Craftmaster.

After defeat Smotherk, the Craftmaster will give us some side quests.

The first step will be to craft an Hazmat suit and show it to him. The Pango Shell for the Hazmat suit is dropped from any Pangocorn.

The next step is showing him a Pango-mask, so we need a Pango-horn, also drop from a Male Pangocorn. But we don’t have the recipe to craft it. If you want to know where the recipe is follow the next tips or search it by your own. Also you can find the mask already build in chests.

  • Small tip: It is in a Industrial biome
  • Medium tip: The area is at east in the World map
  • Huge tip: In the Battlescared Waste Ice biome, go to the Breath of fire at east. Then to the Lost industry Industrial biome, it is at north. This isn’t a tip anymore, it became a walkthrough.

The last item he want to see it is a Thunderer. Also no recipe. And there is no tip to find it. I don’t remember where I found it, sorry. Maybe in a Brimstone biome? Once you found/craft it, show it to him and the achievement should pop up.


  • Witness the birth of a Smoke Ghost.

Probably doing the previous achievements you already saw in the Brimstone biome some Drear miners who give us a quest. They will ask for Large Capacitors and Black ice (the ice cream food). You should have some Black ice from the rewards doing the Collector achievement.

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