Sneaky Kitten – Coins / Collectibles Locations

If you die, check your coin count, you might need to take some coins again. Master Coin Afficionado can be missed because the levels can’t be replayed.

Level #1

All credit goes to FrozenShiver !

Coin 1 on the right, behind the bush, coin 2 on the left, under the ramp.

After crossing the bridge, behind the hedge on the right is coin 3.

Before grabbing the key, go in the hole in the fence on the left and do a few jumps to get coin 4.

On the right behind the fountain is coin 5.

On the left, coin 6 is after a few jumps.

On the right behind the house’s corner is coin 7.

On the left, coin 8 is easily seen when going towards the exit.

Level #2 (1/2)

At the first 2 guards, in the right corner is coin 1.

In the next room, behind the blue boxes is coin 2

In the next hall, behind the blue box is coin 3.

Before entering the vent on the left, jump on the blue boxes on the right for coin 4.

After exiting the vent, coin 5 is on the stove.

Coin 6 is in the corner behind the chair.

On the left jump on the boxes for coin 7.

Under the stairs, coin 8 is easily seen.

Make sure to get the coin 9 on the right first, because going left triggers level 2.2 and you won’t be able to get this coin anymore.

Level #2 (2/2)

After entering the first vent, drop down left for coin 1.

After exiting the vent, on the right, around the corner is coin 2.

At the piano in the middle of the room, tricky jumps are required for coin 3. Try using shift to walk slowly for better control.

After exiting the vent, in the left room there are coins 4 and 5.

On the other side, coins 6 and 7 are visible and reachable with jumping on boxes, coin 8 is in the left corner, behind the box.

Level #3 (1/2)

From the spawn on the left is coin 1, coin 2 is below the desk.

Inside the vent, on the left is coin 3.

Coins 4 and 5 are at the lab with 3 scientists.

Coins 6, 7 and 8 are on the pipes before entering the vent.

Coins 9 and 10 are inside the room with the patrolling scientist.

Coin 11 is easily seen on the left, before the vent.

Level #3 (2/2)

After opening the 2 doors, coins 1 and 2 are in the first area.

Coins 3 and 4 are in this area.

Coin 5 is easily seen.

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  1. That’s the thing that hurt me the most, is that if you die certain coins need to be taken again. Besides that it was fairly easy.

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