Sniper Elite 5 – Guide to One Hit Kill K98K

Yeah anyone whos played heroes and generals knows how much of a thorn in your side these are only now, everyone has one.

How to One Hit Kill K98K

Getting the K98K

You get the K98K from the second kill list in Mission 2. Just non-lethal him, place him underneath the chandelier, and shoot it so it falls on him. If it bugs, I can’t help with that.

Getting Workbench Attachments

Just. Just play the campaign, get all the workbenches, pretty easy and there’s guides on locations everywhere.

Actual Meat of the Guide (the Build)

The purpose of the build is to max power, which relates directly to your effective range as well as over all damage. The thing is, due to how iron sights and scopes work, any and all accuracy “penalties” simply aren’t real due to empty lung; meaning you can get some absolutely cracked damage. I’m talking three-shotting a King Tiger with AP ammo cracked.

Now, you can use any barrel mod you want except for the Kriegsmodell, as that reduces the power. You can theoretically use any muzzle device except for the Bramit suppressor, as that heavily reduces power. You can absolutely use the GEW98 Overpressure Magazine if you want to, but it isn’t necessary for the build to deal maximum damage. You can use any stock mod you want, I just use bullet loops. Obviously you can use any scope and skins you want, I use light elm for the sprint speed.

That being said, the absolute necessities are reinforcement band and the M40 caliber conversion, as that maxes the damage for the base K98K.

And well it’s that easy. Sorry for the mediocre to low quality guide, if that’s a problem for some.

Minor Disclaimers

This build was made for survival mode, and at longer distances it becomes a two hit kill to the torso on Jaeger troops. This is likely solved with the GEW98 overpressure, or just having good aim, so for campaign that can be an option. This obviously isn’t a stealth build, as even with a suppressor it’s usually 65m+ hearing range with standard ammo.

I haven’t tested this on multiplayer, because I refuse to touch the PvP scene due to the presence of Easy Anticheat as its Anticheat. There’s a reason it’s known as Easy-to-Bypass Anticheat.

You’ll likely have horrible spread accuracy with it if you commonly use over-the-shoulder aiming for it as well, so be prepared for that.

The 3-hit on Tiger tank is measured while the Tiger tank has full back armor plating, it takes two shots of AP to expose the engine, and one AP shot to blow the engine up.

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  1. what if you put the damage to 185 do you think that would lower the shots to kill for the tigers i have one assembled but have not used it or is the 185 over kill / like you said all you need is the M40 mod and GEW98 over pressure to 1 shot the jaegers troops dead out right?

    • itll most likely still be 3 hit, as there seems to be three damage states that cant have damage bled over

      i find it likely even without the GEW98 overpressure youre already doing overkill damage on the components

  2. Haven’t found any cheaters in my multiplayer lobbies, just playing deathmatch and survival. 140+ Jager kills and no cheating Karls yet.

    I don’t think this game has gotten much attention from cheaters. It’s not big enough for people to have Day 1 cheat tables, and beyond that there’s hardly anything worth grinding for. A lot of crossplay users on Reddit are calling PC players hackers because the fine precision of a mouse makes a huge difference in this game.

  3. I’ve tried this rifle on survival and it’s execellent one tap body killer. I prefer m1a carbine for campaign tho. Low noise low recoil low damage but if you go for headshots it’s a beast.

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