Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – How to Get Long Shot Over 1000 Meters

How to get long shot over 1 km.

Long Shot Guide

All credit goes to MarsksMan!


  • Dam Region unlocked (Complete Act 2 Main Story).
  • Does NOT clear Point of Interest @ 27.36; 14.61 (Near Fast Travel Point @ 27.48; 14.78).

Gears and Skill

  • Any Primary Weapon (with Bipod for best steady aiming).
  • High Magnification Scope (you can get RUS 34x scope in Outpost @ 26.53; 12.20).
  • DARPA Ammo (if “Red Dot” aim helper disabled or you are playing in hard difficulty or above).
  • Predatory Focus Skill (for locate tagged enemy through the woods).


  • Go to Point of Interest @ 27.36; 14.61.
  • Enter the ruins, then the enemy sniper will spawn.
  • Tag him with drone or sniper scope.
  • Go to Point of Interest @ 25.96; 15.86.
  • Make your way to Point of Interest @ 25.78; 15.70 (follow the trails and climb the cliff).
  • In front of a cave, make a sniper spot on the cliff edge.
  • Pin a Custom Waypoint to the enemy.
  • Use Focus to locate him and take him out.


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