So Below – Guide to Defeating Entities

General tips for playing So Below, and defeating entities.

How to Defeat Entities

General Tips

I’m no expert in this game, but this is what I’ve found to be the basics of playing the game, and defeating the entities.

Keep your distance from the entities. Even when you are damaging them with a crucifix or relic, don’t get too close to them. Entities have attacking animations, but simply touching them will damage you. Always give yourself room to back away. If you are cornered, you can run through them but doing so will hurt you very badly. Do it only if you have no other option for escape.

Always turn on lights. Doing so will help you see. There is a limit to how many light switches can be on, but there is no breaker in the game. If lights go off, turn them back on.

  • The thermal camera is very useful in finding items, and some of the entities. It’s usually the only thing I grab, along with a light and a crucifix, depending on the entity.
  • EMF will point you towards a cursed item when you are close.
  • The UV light will make some cursed items and symbols glow.
  • The Parabolic microphone will allow you to hear cursed items (scroll to change the range).
  • The geiger counter will crackle around cursed items and symbols.
  • The photo camera will emit a flash of light (to scare the shadow and nachtgheist).

If a crucifix has a crack down the middle, it is broken.

The symbols on the wall have no purpose, except with the undead. You can ignore them, unless you are facing an undead.

Press X to pull out your lighter, and left click repeatedly to activate it. Then, hold out the lighter next to what you want to light on fire.


  • Nachtgheist – Nachtgheists are aggressive, but fairly easy to beat. They look like a guy wearing a black sheet. Though bright lights and photo cameras can be used to defeat them, crucifixes are your safest bet. Carry a light and as many crucifixes as you can find. Equipment such as the EMF, UV, and sound senor are not necessary. When you find the Nachtgheist, hold up the crucifix, and keep your distance from it. It will approach you, make sure you have room to back up.
  • The Nachtgheist takes damage from crucifixes quickly. After a few seconds, it will flee away from you and cower. Chase it down, and continue holding up the crucifix towards it. At this point, it should be defeated.
  • If you are looking through a thermal camera, you might see a floating person. This is not the nachtgheist, it’s a decoy or a bug or something.


  • Flickers are invisible, and can be seen through either through the night vision camera, or thermal camera. The thermal camera is better for it. They look like large, crusty people. They are generally docile, and will not attack quickly unless you are holding a crucifix. Don’t touch crucifixes if you are facing a Flicker.
  • To beat it, find the black void mirror, and look at the Flicker through the mirror. You will need to be somewhat close to it to cause it damage, though you should be careful- Flickers have high health, and they have a tendency to charge you. It’s working if the mirror is shaking, you hear crackling noises, and the Flicker is walking slowly and holding its hands up. When it starts to run around erratically, you are close to beating it. Beating a Flicker takes a long time, so keep your distance and be patient. If you get hurt, wait to heal before you confront it again.


  • Shadows are very dangerous because of how quickly they move, and how aggressive they can be. If the walls and floor turn dark and shadowy, the Shadow is attacking. The Shadow itself has a white face, and teleports around. The only thing that is required to defeat a shadow is the Schamanen relic- the wooden staff. When you find it, hold it up towards the shadow- you’ll know it’s working if the top of the staff is smoking. It doesn’t usually take too long, just keep your distance from the shadow.
  • If you don’t have the Schamanen relic, photo cameras can be used to stun it, although escaping from it is very challenging.


  • Undead look like big zombies. In order to beat the Undead, you must find the Ritual cup, the Ritual knife, and the Ritual book. You must also find the 3 symbols on the wall, though symbols are usually easy to find. If you can’t find symbols, use a UV light. Use crucifixes to push the Undead away.
  • Once you have the required items and symbols, find the room where the undead’s body is chained up. It’s usually at the bottom of the map, or down an elevator. Place the Chalice and the ritual book on the desk, and place the knife in the chained undead’s heart. Don’t touch the chained undead’s body. The undead entity will attack you during this process, so watch your back.
  • Light the candles next to the 3 symbols you found. Keep your distance when you light the candles, don’t get caught in the tornado.


  • Witches are the most challenging entity to defeat. Crucifixes will scare a witch away, but will not harm her. Hoard Crucifixes like a Christian dragon.
  • You might also see the witch’s baby, which can kill you. Usually it only appears briefly, so keep away from it.
  • To beat them, you must find the wooden Tulio sword, and the toy Alice doll. You do not need the photo to defeat the witch. Once you find these two items, you must find the catacombs, which are usually on the bottom of the map, or down an elevator. Travel through the maze of the catacombs to find a pyre of wood.
  • Before you enter the catacombs, make sure you have a flashlight, and as many crucifixes as you can find, because the witch may attack you. Most other items will not help you. Follow the blue glow sticks, which will help lead you to the pyre. Once you find the pyre, place the Alice doll and Tulio sword on the torches, and light them on fire, then the pyre.
  • After you kill the witch, the catacombs will collapse. You must sprint back to the entrance of the catacombs and escape. Be sure to avoid the chasms in the ground.
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