Soda Dungeon – Beginners Guide

This guide is for new players in this game, it will teach you what to do in your very first levels.

Guide for New Players

Soda Junkie

Soda Junkie “This guy is a soda addict, not a fighter. Use at last resort.”

  • HP: 10
  • DMG: 1

This character is quite useful… (at least for the first four levels) I don’t personally recommend it (except if you’re trying to get some achievements like the dinner guy’s achievement) but it is a very good character if you’re starting a new dimension and you don’t have gold.

Sometimes these crazies bring an item or two along them. These items can be the stool or/and the bottle (or at least these are the common ones).


The first thing you need to do is obviously hire the first Soda Junkie.

This guy will be quite useless, but it’s our (uhh…) last or first resource? The point is: It’s the only thing we can hire, besides, this guy will help us to gain some money.

Levels 1-10

These levels are the easiest ones, so it won’t be so hard to beat them.

Level 1-3

These are pretty simple: Just click on your enemies to hit them, so it isn’t that complicated, here we discover 3 enemies:

  • Snail – 2 HP and 1 DMG
  • Rat – 2 HP and 1 DMG
  • Rabbit – 3 HP and 2 DMG

Level 4

  • Here we can fight 2 enemies at once, if your character only has got 1 or 2 DMG then kill the snail, if you have 3 and above, then kill the rabbit (it’s for some extra gold).

Level 5

  • The enemies of the level can change (I think) but the most common is the:

Troll – 8 HP and 2 DMG

Level 6

  • There are three enemies at once: 2 Rats and a Chicken.

Chicken – 3 HP and 2 DMG.

Like level 4, I highly recommend to kill the weakest enemies first (rats, snails, etc.) and then, when you have 3 DMG and above, kill the strongest ones (rabbit, chicken, etc.).

Level 7

  • In this level, you can find a rabbit and a chicken.
  • This level hasn’t got anything on special, it doesn’t even have an “order” to kill the monsters, just a normal level.

Level 8

  • We can find a rat, a snail and a chicken.
  • If you read level 4 and 6 I highly recommend to kill the weakest enemies or, if you have the DMG, kill the strongest ones first.

Level 9

  • This is our first level that has got 4 monsters, it is a lot, but it hasn’t got anything special on it, either.
  • You already know that I recommend to kill the weakest enemies first or if you’re strongest enough kill the strongest ones first? Yes? Ok.

This level has got a snail, a rat, a rabbit and a chicken.

Level 10

  • This level has got the golem, it is a enemy with “a lot” of HP and 3 DMG (it isn’t a lot).
  • If you can handle this, it’ll be easy.


  • You will gain a wooden sword from the troll, it gives a character 2 DMG and a 10% crit chance for 30% damage.
  • The game will force you to buy a stool.
  • If the game gives you the opportunity to buy things from the salesman, buy a wooden shield from him that gives you 5 HP and do not buy the stone of sight, it will be useless, you have this guide that tells you the HP and DMG of monsters! You don’t need it, and if your character hits the enemy, just use your math power, it isn’t necessary.
  • If you want to make things faster, activate the auto-equip.
  • Something funny that happened to me is: on my third trip my loot was 2 wooden shields and a wooden sword, it’s funny because I won’t need to buy anything.
  • The highest priority tavern upgrade is the armory: it’ll unlock more items and you now can sell objects.
  • When you have the armory, buy the iron sword, it gives 3 DMG and a 15% crit chance for 30% damage and the iron armor, that gives you 8 HP and 1 DMG, sell your SPARE things (if you have a 10 gold spare buy the iron shield, that gives you 6 HP).

And bam, you have good progression.

This is my progression on my experiment world so far:

The End

That was all! It is a detailed guide for beginners, so I compiled levels 1 – 10 because, if you did all those levels, you will already have the necessary gold, equipment and experience.

I personally think that levels 1 – 10 were just a tutorial, but I made a guide from this because I wanted to help new players to have a tiny boost of their first dungeon trips.

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