Soda Story – Brewing Tycoon – Essences Only Out Drone Mission

Some essences only drops in drone missions. This list is which essence drops where.


List of Essences

  • Point Wallace: Grapefruit
  • Mine Shaft: Poutine
  • River Bend: Cream
  • Luna Peak: Truffle
  • Hiking Shack: Red Bean
  • Grey Island: Blackberry
  • Great Lake Shores: Watermelon
  • Great Lake Inlet: Guava
  • Great Falls: Soap
  • Gold Fields: Plum
  • Garden Grove: Bark
  • Floating Junkyard: Carrot
  • Emerald Caves: Truffle/Diamond
  • Catchment: Truffle
  • Browns Farm: Turnip
  • Base Camp: Pumpkin

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