Sokpop S09: Fishy 3D – Fast Fish Achievement Guide

This guide will detail the route I used to get the Fast Fish achievement. This is by no means the best route or the only route, but it’s a route that works.

How to Obtain Fast Fish Achievement


While the original Fishy’s speedrun achievement was one I got without trying, Fishy 3D isn’t as linear, which gives you a lot of options in what route you can take. You only need to collect 7/12 stars to beat the game, this guide will outline which 7 stars I got, and some of the neat tricks needed to get that sub-eight time.

Star 1: The Great Escape

Immediately starting out, you’re not going to want to eat anything, instead you’re going to want to swim to and jump over this narrow part of the wall in the starting chamber to skip the time consuming process of eating to grow, only to shrink yourself in the sewage.

Afterwards, veer to the left, through the gate, until you reach the exit, and you should see your first star. Simply jump over the wall and claim your prize.

Star 2: The Great Heist

Next, jump back over the wall and head right, until you reach the corked up pipe. Much like with the starting zone, we’re not going to waste time growing just yet, instead, dive and move behind the pipe, moving down and to the right, at your smallest size, you’re able to clip through the pipe and make your way into the main room.

Make a B-Line for this pipe hidden in the sludge. Go through to the other side, then veer to the left and jump into the chamber with the duck. Unfortunately this whole area is a little obscured by the wall so it can be hard to see what you’re doing.

Now all you need to do is jump up and steal the star from the duck. Unfortunately as the duck is a moving target, and there’s a lot of visual obstructions in the area, this can be tricky, but once you grab it, pause and select new fish, as there’s no other easy way out of the duck area, given that you haven’t busted open the main entrance. Once respawned, simply jump over the wall and clip through the pipe back to the main area.

Stars 3-6: The Great Parkour

Now that you’re back in the main entrance, you’re going to have to eat and grow. This is the first of two times you’ll need to do this in this route. Eating algae is consistent, with most of it being located in the top left, but it’s also not the fastest to respawn, ideally try to eat some of the purple bits, and maybe a small fish or two. All you need is to be just big enough to grab the ball and open the door in the top right of the room.

Use the sludge to get back down to clipping-size and prepare for a flurry of stars. Passing through the door you should almost immediately see your next star. Through a couple pipes and single jump will get you to it.

Head down the waterfall and to the right, clip through the pipe like you did before and you’ll see your next star in the middle of your path.

Continue on to the next room where you’ll need to jump over this thin part of the wall to the lower level. Be careful to jump in a leftward direction. If you jump too straight down you might jump directly into the waterfall, if this happens it may well be a run-killer as you’d need to hook all the way back and try the jump again to get star #5.

Once the jump is succesfully performed, veer right past the waterfall and down to get star #5, then head back to the waterfall, grab star #6 and press the button to spawn a bomb that will break the dividing wall.

Star 7: The Great Demolition

Once the wall is down, spawn another bomb and push it down and to the left by moving into it, until it reaches this wall here.

Note that i screwed up the initial screenshot and had to come back in to get a screenshot of this star, which is why i have no stars in this screenshot.

You’re now going to need to grow for the second time, i advise ditching the bomb as soon as its in range of the wall to get a head start on growing. I advise growing a little bigger than you did the first time, as I believe the thing you need to grab is slightly larger as well. As soon as you’re confident in your size, (or just while swimming around eating) grab the star you unlocked with the bomb.

Finale: The Greater Escape

Only hit the lock once you’re confident in your size.

If you hit the lock too soon the frog will be moved to the center of the room and make growing a lot more difficult by restricting where you can move. Assuming you’re the right size, all you need to do now is pull the plug and make your way back to the exit where star 1 was. The easiest way to do this is to head to the frog to shrink a bit, then veer right to where the bomb button is. WIth your smaller size and rising water level, you should be able to jump over walls and continue to a series of waterfalls that put you out right around the exit. Simple get in and hope you did it all fast enough.

Even with abysmal luck with the duck, and pausing to take some screenshots, I still got sub 8, but it is one of the more demanding Sokpop Speedrun achievements I’ve personally encountered.

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