Solace Crafting – Basic Crafting Tips (Building System)

The building system is unique and take a little to figure it out, but it’s then the fastest building system in any game that I’m aware of.

Tips to Crafting

So how can you building walls, floors etc?

The quick rundown:

  • Press B to open up the building interface.
  • Click “Select/New” to start a new structure, or select an existing structure to continue.
  • Use WASD or the arrow keys to move the colored selection box to the position you want to build.
  • Select the “slot” you want to build: Wall (N/E/S/W), Center, or Floor.
  • Select the recipe you want to build.
  • Click construct.

This can all be done with the keyboard using WASD, QE, ZX, 123456, Up & Down, and the spacebar to construct.

There is a video here from a player that goes in depth into how the building system works:

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