Solo Leveling: Arise – Comprehensive Guide for New Players (Tips and Tricks)

Comprehensive New Player Guide

By TheTwistedWolf.

Stat Assignment and Details

When distributing stats for Sung JinWoo, please click on the spy glass for full stat info.

Below Level 30, just put points into Strength and Perception in 1:1 ratio. Once you are level 30 there are a few builds but my recommended are:

  • Crit: 1:1 = Agi:Pre 
  • Str: 1:1 = Str:Pre
  • Mag: 1:1 = Int:Pre

Perception increases the minimum damage you deal, as you can see in the image above, with my weapons and stats, my Perception in stats detail is 99% (Max).

Elements and Skills

Weapons and Hunters all have a different Element. In the image above you can see what the enemies are weak to and strong against. If the enemy is weak to, you do 150% damage, if they are strong against, you will do 50% damage. If they are nether, then you will do the regular 100% damage.

Support Skills, as shown in the image are located in the Special Skills section. Support Skill is only available when playing as Sung Jinwoo.

Shadow Step

The 60% armor shred is too strong and most people forget that it does this.

Support Skills


BR = Break

Support Skill: heals over time.

Support Skill: Last hit removes shields and stuns.

Support Skill: refreshes 2 Dashes. BR: Medium

Support Skill: Debuff:15% more damage for 15 seconds.

Support Skill: Shields. BR: Medium

Support Skill: Increases Core attack by 15%.

Support Skill: Decrease Defence by 20%. BR: Medium

Support Skill: +7.77% Defense, Heal 7.77%, increase defense Pen by 7.77% and increase fire damage  by 7.77%. BR: Medium


Support Skill: Drops a Potion that flat heals. BR: Medium

Support Skill: Buffs Ultimate damage by 15%(10s).

 Support Skill: Reduces healing and poisons.

Support Skill: Flat heal, heal over time and gain mana.

Support Skill: Freezes. BR: Medium

Support Skill: BR: Heavy

Support Skill: Shield(10s). BR: Medium

Support Skill: Bleed(30s)

Support Skill: Stuns and increases Max HP by 20%(15).BR: Medium

Support Skill: Burns(DOT(30s)).

Support Skill: BR: Medium

Support Skill: Burns(DOT(30s).


There are 8 Artifact slots in total:

  • Head
  • Chest
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Ring
  • Earrings


Relics have substats that we go over in the next section. The higher the Rarity, the more substat the Artifact starts off with. In the long run you get over all better stats the rare the artifact.

Artifacts Equipment Score is based off of artifacts level, the + number and based substat number range.

For each substat, there is a bottom and top number range, currently not found the limit yet.

Level of Artifacts from the first 2 Encores are lower than Artifacts from the 2nd 2 Encores, as such the number stat range is higher.

Artifact Stats

Click to enlarge…


Insta Dungeons

Encore Dungeon

Late Game Encore Dungeon

Hunter Recommended Sets


Outstanding + Noble increases the team’s damage. Destroyer set for specific content, like Destruction Trial.

Outstanding + Noble increases the team’s damage. Destroyer set for specific content, like Destruction Trial.(She can be built as a damage dealer but ppl will mostly use her to increase other Dark Hunters damage or Dark Weapons)

Guardian increase shield effects and add damage increase to it. Destroyer set for specific content, like Destruction Trial. Concentration of Firepower, she spams here skills, so let’s make her skills hit harder. Destroyer set for specific content, like Destruction Trial

Armed, ignoring armor is great for DPS. One-hit Kill, best set since his ult does most damage in game at around 8000% to 9000% of attack, so lets increase that damage. Executioner for that 20% damage increase. Destroyer set for specific content, like Destruction Trial

Armed for early game. One-hit Kill for late game, more ults means more defense decrease and damage. Concentration of firepower for lower skill CD that leads to more defense decrease and damage.

One-hit Kill for the 2nd most damage ult. Concentration of firepower for lower skill CD that leads to more up time on her self-buff.

Farming Gates


Currently after completing 3, 3 then 4 gates, you will get free Exp packs, these scale based on Level and Rank.

Resets daily.

Encore and Instance Dungeons

For these dungeons it is recommended to use 1 key at a time as you unlock higher tiered versions.

Once you have completed all the battle missions for that instance, you will unlock permanent buff for that instance.

Shadow Army


Used to increase armies level.

Used to unlock the “Generals” of the army and level them up.

Used to upgrade “Generals.

(Item has same image but is different) Used for summoning your army, the amount is based on Shadow Generals Level, upgrade and armies level.

Draw Supporter

From the 64th pull and onwards, each Single Pull will increase the chance further by 5.8%.

Meaning if you can get to 79 Pity, you should only ever do 10 pulls as all 10 will have a 78% chance of being SSR.

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