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The game is going to receive major updates every month. However, events and characters will rotate in and out, for events, its every 4 days (3 days of event, and 1 of downtime) for characters, is 21 days (Note: The former banners, will exist for 7 days after the launch of the next one).

Roadmap (Click to enlarge)


This game has a fast reroll system, however, linking your pre-registered account to your device, will lock the rewards in that account, so reroll BEFORE linking.


As for what to aim in Rerolling (Emma Laurent, Seo Jiwoo, Demonic Plum Flower Sword and Thetis’s Grimoire) are the best possible rewards for newer players aim for 2 out of the 4. Rerolling takes on average 3-4 hours (from the people I’ve seen).


PVP is NOT in the plans for the game, if that does eventually get added, it will be later along the timeline..


This game’s rates are similar to other gatcha games in the marketing, with the 50/50 and 100% rule, having each banner a 80 cap and increasing rates after 64.


This game runs smoothly, your apple toaster can probably run this, not with the greatest graphics but still run it.


This game’s difficulty relies on your level, so if you grind a lot, this game’s probably easy, slack off, and you’ll see the pain.

Artifacts and Weapons

Much like other market RPGs, your stats increase on weapons and artifacts, with specific farmable fights you can partake to increase your level.

Stuck on Igris (Mostly for F2Ps)

  • It’s also important to know what weapons to run.
  • Lustrous Dragon, Radiru’s Family and Demon Knight are exceedingly good weapons to fight Igris.
  • Cha Hae In, Min Byung-Yu, Baek Yoohoo, Kim Chul, Yoo Jihoo are also great options.
  • You could also run Silver Mane Baek Yoohoo, for the 20% flat increase in Attack% or Seo Jiwoo to get a free meat shield to tank 1 free damage from him.
  • As for SSR weapons, needless to say The Huntsman is amazing, but also Thetis Grimoire to freeze his attacks.

Tip: When he stands still with the sword pointing down for a long time, he’ll become invulnerable to all damage, and do a knockback attack twice, double dodge through it, but don’t use skills, they won’t do anything.

Useful Tips for New Players

Target Character

  • Emma (early game clear).
  • Seo jiwoo (Good for clearing).
  • Baek yoonhoo (Light class SSR mid breaker, effective for bosses with break bar).
  • Min Byung gu (Light class SSR healer).

Target Weapon: All SSR Weapons

  • Plum (red sword, it’s high effective).
  • Scythe( High crit rate).
  • Grimoire (Blue book,range is highly effective for certain fights in stages).
  • Moon sword ( 2nd choice).

For First Accounts Pls Reroll

Must get 2 SSR within 20 pulls.

For Rate Boost

Plum, Grimoire,seo jiwoo and Emma Laurent.

How to Reroll

Through phone, you can get guest accounts in which don’t require you to get a Gmail yet. Once you have the desired account, you can sign in with Gmail, apple id or email. PC does not allow this, and once you do tutorial once you can skip it. You can also delete guest account by simply logging out / deleting it I think.

Redeem Codes

  • THXSLVARISE – Artificial Enchancement Chip 1 (100) / Chip 2 (50)
  • THXSLVARISETHX – Gold (200,000)
  • WHOSNATIONALL3VEL – Essence Gems (1,000)
  • SOLOLEVELINGSKR – Gold (100,000)
  • WORLD1STLEVELUP – Essence Stones (300)
  • HUNTERPASS1ST – Selection Draw Ticket (2)

How to Redeem Codes

Screenshot of the Redeem Page:

How to Find Member Code

To find your Member Code:

  • Go to Settings/Options > Account > Copy the button under Account Details.
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