Solo Leveling: Arise – How to Spend Stat Points

Stats Distribution for New Players


New players need to get stronger fast so they don’t get left behind. So, start by putting a solid 40-50 points in Strength so you can have a healthy amount of attack.

The Next Step

Once you have a good amount of attack, you have to start focusing on your Perception.

How Does Perception Work?

Perception is the stat that averages your normal damage, the higher it is, the more damage you do on average.

Example in image:

If you can deal 1000 damage and you have 85% precision, your damage will be between 850 and 1000, if you only have precision at 60%, you’ll only deal from 600-1000…]

Post-Chapter 8

Once you get to chapter 8, you can start focusing on your agility stat as well, since its directly linked to critical damage and critical hit rate, the higher it goes, the higher your CHR and CD.

Note: Plum users or A1 Scythe users, can neglect this stat for longer, since both weapons increase critical.

Vitality / Intelligence

For the most part, these stats can be ignored, unless you are suffering from cooldowns or you just can’t keep up with your HP, and need to use more, if you must increase them, increase them by 10 or 20 only as a last resort.

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