Songs of Conquest – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind the game?

  • A small Swedish indie studio called Lavapotion.

Platforms & Support

Is it possible to pre-order the game?

  • No, but you can wishlist it on Steam, GOG or Epic Games Store.

Will the game release on all stores at the same time?

  • Yes, at the 10th of May 2022.

Will the game be released on Switch, Xbox, PlayStation or iOS/Android?

  • Currently not planned, but we are considering it.

Will you support cross play between Steam, GOG and EGS versions?

  • Yes.

Will the game be released for Mac?

  • Yes.

Will the game be released for Linux?

  • No official native Linux-support planned currently, but testers have used Proton and the game works for them.

Will the game be released for iOS/Android?

  • Maybe, but it is not planned right now.

Will there be an Early Access period?

  • Yes, it is planned to start in early Q2 2022.

When can I buy the game?

  • Early Access starts at the 10th of May.

How much will the game cost?

  • $29.99 / €29.99

Will the game have the same price on all storefronts?

  • Yes.

Are the system requirements currently listed on Steam the expected requirements, or will these be lowered later?

  • They will probably be lowered later on.

Will there be controller support?

  • No. Maybe post release.

Will the game support Ultra Wide Monitors?

  • Probably not official support, but one of our developers uses an ultra-wide monitor and the game runs fine for him, so it should work.

Gameplay & Lore

Do roads impact walking distance?

  • Yes, roads reduce movement costs depending on the type of the road.

Will units have abilities?

  • Yes.

Will there be more factions than the four that are already announced?

  • Four factions are planned for release, we hope to add more post release.

Will you be able to sail in the game?

  • No.

How many campaigns will there be?

  • Two campaigns, one taking place on the island of Arleon and one on the continent of Patriam.

Will there be some kind of penalties for having units from different factions under one command?

  • You won’t be able to mix troops from different factions in Songs of Conquest.

How does this game differ from HOMM?

  • Troops have a maximum stack size.
  • As towns and settlements grow, they expand with building sites on the adventure map. You’ll have to make choices with your build sites, you can build as many buildings of the same type as you want but there are a limited number of build sites.
  • The magic system is very different, where troops bring “Essence” which fuels spells, so picking troops is both about their stats but also about what Essence they bring.
  • The campaign is fairly ambitious with cut scenes and a specific song for each campaign.
  • In combat, ranged units can move and shoot, but at a penalty.
  • Battlefield has terrain like highground which boost stats of occupying units.
  • Units in battle can’t wait but instead have different abilities depending on the unit. Of which one is actually “wait”.

Who are the Harima?

  • A race that lives alongside humans in the Barya faction.

Will there be neutral units on the adventure map and in combat?

  • Maybe, but it is not planned right now.

What are the sizes of the maps?

  • Small 46×46 tiles, Medium 64×64 tiles, Large 128×128 tiles, Extra large 160×160 tiles and Huge 256×256 tiles.

Will the game feature a random map generator?

  • Not on release. Hopefully after release.

How will users be able to share maps from the level editor?

  • We are not sure yet, we might use, but it is TBD.

Will there be a way to get back into the game if you take a huge loss mid game with your main army? Or a way to overcome the turtle players while you have been active?

  • That depends on the map and play style of all players involved. But often, yes.


Will the game have a hotseat mode?

  • Yes.

Will the game support simultaneous turns in multiplayer?

  • No.

Will the game feature a co-op multiplayer campaign?

  • No.

Will the game feature co-op multiplayer (teams) skirmish maps?

  • Not on release. Hopefully after release.

How many players can be in a game/match in Multiplayer?

  • We currently support up to 8 players which can be both human and AI controlled.

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