Sonic Mania – How To Access Debug Mode (Cheat Codes)

Guide to Access Debug Mode (Cheat Codes)


  1. On the title screen, as soon as sonic appears press (On the arrow keys) Up, Up, Down, Down, Up ,Up ,Up, Up.
  2. If u did it right you will hear the ring sound.
  3. Then go to the mania mode select (”No Save”) and click the game opts.(You will se That debug mode is there).
  4. To access the stage select and sound test enable debug mode on (”No Save”) and hold Q and A Together.
  5. If You did it right you will see stage select and sound test, where you can select stages, acts, and special stages.

You can also acces debug mode when you collect 16 silver/gold medals

Note:If you dont have 16 medals and you leave the game you will have to do the things above again.

Sound Test Cheat Codes

  • Unlock all emeralds – 4126
  • disable super sonic music – 6214
  • unlock all sonic moves (For example DropDash, Super Peel Out, Insta Shield) – 9001
  • All enemies turn into squirrels when defeated – 19790811
  • Infinite continues – 19921124
  • Fly while super sonic – 20170815
  • Play in encore mode – 20180623

How to unlock every gold medalion and unlockables

  1. In the sound test enter these numbers in order:

1, 9, 7, 9, 0, 8, 1, 1

  1. Then you will hear a ring sound
  2. Then Enter these set of Numbers:

1, 9, 8, 9, 0, 5, 0, 1

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