Sonority – All Puzzle Solutions

A complete solution for all puzzles.

How to Solve All Puzzles

This guide will spoiler you a lot of information about the easiest and fastest ways to get the achievements. So if you want to figure it out by yourself: do not use this guide!

Sometimes you need other scales to get music symbols. How to get them is not part of this guide. Its just a guide with all solutions to finish the game and get all music chests. Sometimes there is more than one solution possible.

I’ve done the screenshots after I’ve completed the game. So dont be confused about the instruments and scales shown. Just look at the stones and the notes.

Music Chest Solution

  • Chest 1 – The Big Gate – (C – D – C)
  • Chest 2 – Ruins of Man 1 – (E – D – E – C)
  • Chest 3 – Valley of Stones – (F – E – D – C – D)
  • Chest 4 – The Old Fort – (D – F – E – G – F)
  • Chest 5 – Temple of Water – (D – A – E – F)


The Big Gate

Music Chest 1 (C – D – C)

You can do this, after you`ve received the 7th note!

The Ruins of Man

Music Chest 2 (E – D – E – C)

You can do this after you`ve done ‘The Old Fort’ and moving southwest from ‘The Music Shrine’

You can do this after you`ve done ‘The Old Fort’ with the ‘Kalimba’

The Ruins of Man II

The Broken Tower

Now you need to do two different scales:

The Valley of Stones

Music Chest 3 (F – E – D – C – D)

The Music Shrine

To solve this, you first need to do ‘The Old Fort’ and get the ‘Kalimba’

To use this elevator, you first need the 6th note.

To solve this, you first need to do ‘The Temple of Rocks’

The Old Fort

Music Chest 4 (D – F – E – G – F)

The Temple of Water

Music Chest 5 (D – A – E – F)

Now you have to do three steps again:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

The Temple of Rocks

Important notice:

Here you need the ‘Bandura’ and you need to run often very fast and sometimes you have to change the places of the stones to have enough time for your running!

The Entrance of the Sonor Tower

The Sonor Tower

I couldnt use other instruments anymore after finishing the game, so you have to look at the scale of your prefered instrument:

Between these two screenshots a sequences apears and you can go down and get your voice as an instrument. I think you can start with any crystal and go clockwise around.

Important notice: You have to run fast and precisly, because of the diagonally which sometimes stops you. Maybe you need some more tries.

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