Sons Of The Forest – 100% Achievement Guide (Early Access Game)

A 100% achievement guide for the sequel game Sons Of the Forest. This game is currently EA.

Survival Achievements

Survive day 1

You’ll get this achievement as night ends on day 1.

What Could Go Wrong
Survive day 10

See above, survive 10 days.

This Place Isn’t So Bad
Survive day 25

See above, survive 25 days,

Never Going Home
Survive day 50

See above, survive 50 days.

Build a structure with over 50 logs.

Build a structure with over 100 logs.

Build a structure with over 500 logs.

City Planner
Build a structure with over 1000 logs.

Own every piece of clothing

Eat one of each type of edible food in the game

This Cant Be Healthy
Drink 50 cans of Fi-Z

You find these in crates and around abandoned camps, so do some exploring.

I Dream Of Sushi
Eat 20 raw fish

Fish can be found in the numerous freshwater springs and ponds around the island. You can spear-hunt them, or set up a fish trap out of 20 sticks to catch some passively.

Dig 100 holes

Dig areas can be found using your gps (m); its a dot with a concentric cirlce around it. The first one you can find is just up the river from your spawn point.

I Like Blisters
Dig 1000 holes

See above, dig even more holes.

Need a Bigger Boat
Get killed by a shark

Blow up a sluggy

Sucker for Punishment
Get kicked by a heavy cannibal 5 times

Become a trusted player in a multiplayer game

Collect $1000

Coin piles and dollar bills can be found around abandoned camps, and occasionally the humans on spikes.

Chivalry Is Not Dead
Reach maximum sentiment with virginia

Virginia can be found wandering along the main water bodies of the island. I first encountered her by following the river up from the spawn point, to a large pond with a waterfall.

Pickup 50 drogue watches

Wear a full set of tech armor

Every Move You Make
Give a gps locator to virginia

See ‘chivalry is not dead’ to find virginia.

Print one of every item

To print things, you need resin which can be found in crates at abandoned campsites.

MC Crafty
Craft all weapons

Story Achievements

Keep Your Friends Close
Complete the story with all friendly npcs still alive

Fight Demons
Stay on the island

Fought Demons
Leave the island

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