Sons Of The Forest – 5 Tips for Beginners

In this guide, I’ll show you the 5 best tips for beginners! Any feedback and/or suggestions are highly welcomed.

Scavenge and Collect

The first tip is perfect for your start in Sons of the Forest. If you have just crashed, you start with little equipment and are quite helpless. So scour the surrounding area and collect everything you can find. Sticks, stones, plants. Everything can be helpful. If you find essential resources, such as aloe vera plants for healing, note their location, so you can always find them.

Building Your Base

For your first base, you should find a safe area. Of course, this should not be in the snow biome, it is far too cold there. Look in a warmer area and preferably near a water source.

Once you have found the perfect place, start cutting down trees and building a small hut. Start small to have a safe shelter as soon as possible. Also, build a fence or, better still, a wall around your base to protect you from attacks.

Saving Ammo

You will find many more weapons in Sons of the Forest than in its predecessor. These include firearms such as pistols and shotguns. However, ammunition is rare, so you should save it for emergencies.

To defeat smaller waves of enemies or to hunt for animals, it is best to build a bow and arrows as early as possible. You can also use melee weapons like axes or improvised clubs to fight off your enemies. You should use firearms when stronger enemies, such as mutants, attack your base.

Safe your molotovs for big monsters as well or for groups. When finding the machete or the modern axe, it makes things also a bit easier.

Your Surroundings

Good preparation is half the battle. The saying makes sense here because rash action can mean your demise. So you should observe your opponents’ paths and avoid them in the early game.

Before attacking them, you should see how many opponents are around and how they react. They will be better prepared for you than you are for them.

If you are geared and up for battles, go for it. Bones are very handy for armor and quite easy to obtain. Just kill them and put them on a fire.

Calvin and Other AI

Calvin is an NPC who survived the helicopter crash with you. Help him, and don’t leave him. He is a helpful support throughout the game, whether in combat, gathering, or defense. You also need to take good care of and feed him; otherwise, he might stop working and die in the worst case.

Who is Calvin?

Calvin, your first companion, is deaf due to the crash and has suffered head trauma. He won’t be able to communicate with you, and in 8-player multiplayer, you will only have one companion. You can use your notepad to give orders to Calvin so that he collects resources for you and delivers them to a chosen point. He can also follow you, attack enemies or hunt.

Companions will periodically take a break and eat something. If you do not take good care of them or behave badly towards them, they will do their work more and more slowly.

How to Recruit New Companions

To recruit new companions for your cause, you must find out what these companions want from you. Besides Calvin, there is currently only one other known companion that you can recruit in Sons of The Forest. This is the mutant woman Virginia, who has already appeared in various trailers.

At the beginning of your adventure, she will flee from you, but she has a rather reckless nature. You will be able to recruit her, although the developers won’t say more about it yet, and increase her trust in you if you are nice to her.

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