Sons Of The Forest – All Duplication Glitches

A guide showing you all the duplication glitches that are currently known.

Duplicate Logs

All credit goes to Walkx !

Multiplayer & Singleplayer


  • 1x Log
  • 1x Stick

Step 1 – Put a log on the ground.

Step 2 – Put a stick underneath it.

Step 3 – Simply walk into the stick, and voilà!

Duplicate / Refill Item Boxes

Multiplayer & Singleplayer


  • 1x Save place

Step 1 – Find some item boxes.

Step 2 – Loot the item boxes.

Step 3 – Put down a save place (if you haven’t already).

This can be either a tent, bed, or abandoned camp.

Step 4 – Save the game.

Step 5 – Go to the main menu and re-join your save.

Step 6 – Loot and repeat!

Enhancing this glitch in multiplayer!

In multiplayer, make every player go to a different location. Every single one of them will be refilled if the host does the process. This allows for even faster gathering of items!

Duplicate Items

Multiplayer only!


  • 1x Storage shelf
  • ?x Any shelfable item

Step 1 – Join a friend’s game.

You cannot be the host.

Step 2 – Put any shelfable item that you want to duplicate in your inventory.

Step 3 – Put down a save place (if you haven’t already), and save the game.

This can be either a tent, bed, or abandoned camp.

Step 4 – Put the items in a storage shelf.

Step 5 – Quit the session without saving, and re-join.

Step 6 – The items will be both in your inventory and on the shelf. Enjoy!

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  1. I can’t find the folder to clear the shader cache, copied and pasted into my window and says no results.

  2. I still need and explanation for what -malloc=system means
    Other than that, I actually went from 60 average 70 max to 80 average 105 max, and I have no clue how but thank you

    • -malloc is an argument which defines the memory allocation for the engine. System will allocate whatever available memory your system has, aka no cap. If you have 32GB, “system” will allocate up to 32GB.

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