Sons Of The Forest – Best Places to Build Your Base (Map)

This map will show you my top 3 best places to set up a permanent base.

The Map with Best Base Places

Here are just 3 suggestions on good places to build your base…

These are my opinions based off my experiences with these locations.

3: Under The Mountain


  • I never actually tried to set up base here, but it seems pretty peaceful with water, fish, and animals all around. I’ve seen many people build bases on the water to protect it from enemies.

2: Bunker Base


  • This was the first place I permimantley set up base. There was absolutely no enemies for about 20 days, then I decided to move somewhere else because a huge amount of enemies came out of nowhere and I was too lazy to deal with all them. However, I never set up any traps or defenses here.

Tons of deer, fish, and small animals.

There is a bunker in a cave right next to this spot, every time you load in to the game new loot will spawn here.

1: Tiny Island


  • This is the perfect place to build a base on. There is no possible way for enemies to get to your cabin unless you build a bridge over to the island or it is winter and the water is ice.

Sometimes fish jump on to the island where you can just hit them with an axe (very easy food).

Enemies only come around every 2 or 3 days and if you build a zipline to the island you are completely safe. The zipline can also be used to transport logs to the island.


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