Sons Of The Forest – How to Build a 100% Safe Base (In or Around Water)

If you build anywhere where water separates you and the cannibals be it on the other side of a lake under a cliff or in an ocean bay they will not bother you.

Safe Water Base Guide

All credit goes to ZombieHunter!

I have 3 bases in or around water and I don’t have any issues.

I’m telling you to put posts down in the water and build on top of the posts.

You can even lay down your tent in the water and it still works.

You can also put wood piles half submerged and the game does not care and they still work.

I have a rope bridge leading from the water’s edge out to my base and not a single cannibal walks over it to get to me.

Unfortunately neither does Kelvin.

Important note

You don’t want to ever build a base really, except for amusement.

It’s a complete waste of time, as monsters get worse every day and building a base takes a long time with starting equipment especially, and a base gives you no useful utility whatsoever.

There’s nothing you can store that you can’t extremely rapidly get more of by just going through the story points, and if you DON’T go through the story points you’ll just end up a weakling with crappy equipment fighting tough monsters.

You can sleep and save with regular tents and you can break those and get the tarp back too.

Set your tent and cooking fire inside the mouth of a cave and you’re perfectly safe.

An optimal playthrough is one where you never build a base, currently. Although this holds true for The Forest (the original) apparently also.

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