Sons Of The Forest – How to Build Bridges Over Lakes

Hopefully the devs wont fix this bug but if you wait for the winter you can build over water.

Guide to Build Bridges Over Lakes


In the North Western lake there is a tiny island in the middle. It’s next to the bunker where you find the crossbow.

I’ve set up my base there and it is completely safe 3 seasons out of 4. Obviously you have to complete the build before the ice melts.

There aren’t many trees in the area and I like having some around my lake so I found the closest cannibal camp and took all their trees (cause I hate them!) and zip lined them to the island.

Place some log holders in that area and tell kelvin to fill them up so by the time you get back, you have new logs to zip home.

You should manage at least 2 deliveries per day and should have enough logs to complete the foundations for the bridge in time for spring.

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