Sons Of The Forest – How to Negate All Fall Damage

How to Negate Fall Damage

For those who don’t know you can pretty much climb most surfaces in this game that aren’t a straight vertical line.

You do this by walking up it and spamming jump while sprinting and you can easily climb the mountain.

But now what?

There are two ways to get down cliff faces instantly without damaging yourself.

  1. The 3D printed sledge gives you fall damage immunity. (You jump and hold the left mouse button to use it.)
  2. Position yourself on a steep ledge where you start to see your character start sliding off and then open your inventory. While it is open you take no fall damage damage. Just make sure to keep it open until you have reached the ground.

There you go this helps skip some of annoying terrain on the other side of the island where the last bunkers are.


    • the turtle shell is useless in the game right now its “slide” is no longer a feature like in the first game thats been replaced by the sledge item.

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