Sons Of The Forest – How to Obtain This Can’t Be Healthy Achievement

This guide will help you get the achievement were you drink 50 Z-energy drinks. Using this method will take about 50 minutes.

This Can’t Be Healthy Achievement Guide

Step 1

Head to the edge of the beach with the Rebreather and stun gun cave at the edge of the beach there will be some rocks, go behind them.

Here’s the location on the GPS. There are 2 Z-energy drinks here and should be safe from enemies.

Step 2

Set up a tent in the water facing the energy drinks then pick them up and drink em.

Step 3

Save the game at the tent and reload that save. After you wait the 2 minute long loading screen the 2 energy drinks will respawn. Pick them up and drink em. Them save the game and reload.

Repeat till you have the achievement.

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