Sons Of The Forest – How to Revive Kelvin

How to revive kelvin when he is unintentionally dead.

How to Revive

Step 1

Find the Sons of the Forest save files. Default direction:

  • C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves

Step 2

Open with Notpad or (Windows) editor GameStateSaveData.json

Change “IsRobbyDead\”:true” to “IsRobbyDead\”:false” and save the file.

Step 3

Open with Notpad or (Windows) editor SaveData.json

Search for “TypeId\”:9″. Immediately below it, you’ll find the “\”State\”:6″ value, which you need to change to “State\”:2″.

Find “Health\”:0.0″ and change it to “Health\”:100.0″. Save the file.

Step 4

If you did everything right, Kelvin should be back in the game.

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