Sons Of The Forest – Rebreather Guide (Where and How to Get)

The game has several elements that you can get on the island that will help you not only to survive, but also to progress. One of these is the rebreather, which will allow you to dive to explore flooded caverns or other places.

Guide to Get Rebreather

Cave Entrance


The entrance will be in front of the coast and you will have to remove some wooden boards to make your way through.

The first cavern will be infested with mutants, so you will have to face them. Once you reach the end of it, there will be two paths you can take. The upward path on the right will take you to where the Stun Gun is located, but the one we are interested in is the downward path on the left.

Then you just have to follow the path, go through some tight holes until you reach a cavern with a spring. On the shore you will see the glowing rebreather which is shaped like a backpack as it is a complete diving kit.

The only thing left to do is to pick it up and then dive through the spring to get out of the cave quickly.

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