Sons Of The Forest – Seasons Guide

A guide for how long seasons last and some tips for winter.

Guide to Seasons

All credit goes to toba!

Every Seasons Length

Seasons are by in-game days

  • Spring: 4
  • Summer: 6
  • Fall: 4
  • Winter: 6

Winter Tips


Equip the clothing item titled “winter jacket”, it will help sustain a decent amount of stamina.
Light a torch on fire, it will help you keep warm in the cold.

Skipping Winter

Winter is a cool idea but an impossible execution, winter seems cool at first however over time it gets plain annoying. It is a cool feature however, this is how to skip it:

  • In order to skip winter you and your teamate/s need to find either a shelter or a stick bed and sleep through the six days winter lasts if you would like to end it since seasons are based on in-game days, essentially hibernating.
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