Sons Of The Forest – Starter Tips

Tips for new and advanced player.

Starting Tips

  • When you use your inventory, time stands still. You can freely change weapons, eat food or use medicine.
  • Don’t explore the caves until you get a firearm, flashlight, and armor. All caves marked on navigation are very dangerous.
  • If you die, you will be dragged to the enemy camp. Permanent death will occur when you lose a life twice in a short period.
  • Note that the schematic guide has two modes with different items and buildings. You can change the mode by holding X.
  • Cannibals cannot swim – deep water provides partial protection against attack. Stagnant water freezes in winter.
  • The same plants are not everywhere – explore different parts of the forest. Sometimes you can find meadows where you will find large amounts of one plant species.
  • Once you locate abandoned golf carts, search near the cave entrance. You can’t do anything with the vehicles themselves.
  • The more noise you make and the forest you cut down, the more you attract attention and hostility from the natives. They are also attracted to light.
  • Lower the quality of the grass in the graphics settings to make it easier to locate herbs and mushrooms. It will also make it easier to collect sticks or find arrows.
  • You will unlock new blueprints by exploring and acquiring new materials.
  • Hover over the cog in the crafting window after placing it in the center of an item to see what you can do with it.
  • Get a bow as soon as possible – ranged weapons allow you to avoid confrontations that are dangerous even on the normal difficulty level.
  • Crouch to hide from pursuit or track enemies. You are practically invisible in the bushes. You can also hunt more efficiently by sneaking.
  • You can use explosives and grenades to knock down trees. Be careful, because a falling tree hurts and destroys your structures.

Weapon tips

The strongest single blow comes from the guilded fire axe, capable of taking down fully armored cannibals in one hit and elephant mutants in just three strong strikes.

Using slug ammo in a shotgun can also result in one-shot kills for most targets with chest or limb shots. Removing a limb usually means death for many creatures.

The gilded katana, despite not having the strongest attacks, boasts fast attack speed and a high dismemberment chance, making it capable of one-hit kills through armor.

Timed explosives are very limited but extremely potent when used.

Overall, the hunting rifle is highly effective if you’re skilled at aiming and tracking targets. It offers great range and enough damage to pop heads like carnival balloons, but its limited ammo makes it unsuitable as a primary weapon.

The crossbow packs a punch and serves well as an opening salvo weapon, but its long reload time can be problematic in prolonged fights.

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