Sons Of The Forest – Where to Find Pistol

How to locate the pistol in Sons Of the Forest and best way to farm ammo.

Pistol Location and Farming Ammo Guide

Where to Find It

It is to the east in the ocean not too far from shore.

Inside the Life Raft

What it looks like inside the life raft where it is located.

Waters are shark infested so be weary of that.

Top Mount

There is a sight mount located on a dead body just behind some rocks on the shore, make sure to grab that as well.

Finding Ammo

The best way to farm ammo is to abuse a current bug? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But all you gotta do is return to the helicopter crash site or another place, like the modern axe camp site, that has black containers (they also contain ammo for other weapons as well) and pitch a tent or use a nearby tent to save the game, then exit and reload the save. The container will miraculously refill their randomized contents and it can be done infinitely.

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  1. if you meant shotgun with “shot bang” its located at the purple exclemation mark north-west of the map you will need a shovel to get it tho.

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