Soulstone Survivors – How to Fix Unable to Sync Issue (Steam Deck)

This guide is about the state of the Steam Deck and the Unable to Sync cloud.

Unable to Sync Fix Guide

The Problem

If you play the game on the Steam Deck, be it the Windows emulated version, or the Linux version, Steam is unable to sync the save files. After much experimentation, tests and contacting Steam support to understand the issue, it does seem like this is a perk on the Deck for the moment, and outside of our control as of now.

Why Does It Happen?

We have the Prologue configured to use the same Cloud Save files as the main game, since we want progress to be shared. However, the main game is not available for purchase yet, and according to Steam support, this is not very usual, and is probably the cause of the sync problem.

What Happens Now?

Playing on the windows version in the deck, it seems like it is unable to sync every time. Playing on the Linux version, it does sync, but only if you own the main game (which is not for sale yet so a big problem!). So our expectation is that, after the Early Access release today, hopefully all of these issues will go away naturally, as the game becomes available and should not have the same problems anymore, however, we do recommend you take a few steps, before you start the full game on your Steam Deck:

Make a backup of your save files. They are located in one of these folders:

Prologue – Windows version:

  • .local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/2113430/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/LocalLow/Game Smithing/Soulstone Survivors

Demo – Windows version:

  • .local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/2083070/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/LocalLow/Game Smithing/Soulstone Survivors

Prologue – Linux version:

  • .config/unity3d/Game Smithing/Soulstone Survivors
  • Try to cloud sync the Prologue after the game is released (which is at 12PM GMT). If it doesn’t work, try opening the game and closing again. It still might not work.
  • As mentioned above, one of the barriers seems to be the ownership of the main game. If you are planning on picking up the Early Access, make the purchase, and then, before you open the main game, try the cloud sync again as in the step above.
  • If it syncs, and your save file is still there, all good, download the main game, sync should work, and your save will be there.
  • If nothing of the above works, go ahead and download the main game, open it and close it. This will probably have an empty save file only, but it will show you if the cloud is syncing or not.
  • If the cloud is syncing: Open the main game but do not hit the “start game button”. Copy the save files you had backed up, into the new save files path, which should be the Linux version, at this folder:
    • .config/unity3d/Game Smithing/Soulstone Survivors
  • Go back to the game, start the game, and the game will load your saved files normally. If cloud is syncing from this point on all is well in the world.
  • If the cloud is not syncing: This is uncharted territory for us, but you can just copy the backed-up save files into the Linux folder above, and play normally and it should work.

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