Space Engineers – Basics of Modding

This guide will tell you the basics of modding and run you through on creating your own mod.

Basic Modding Guide


Hello! Everyone making a mod for space engineers is really simple even tho it may sound like a bunch of C# coding you just have to change a small piece of code in the files to change what you wan’t to make a mod for example were gonna wan’t to change this small piece of code so if we were to change this to be 605400 4320000 it will make the speed of the pacific kind of thruster go faster but if were to change it to 320000 then it will make the kind of thruster go slower.

Getting Started

How to access the space engineers files is right click space engineers click manage next click browse local files and double click the folder that’s called content then double click the folder called data this is were a lot of the game files are stored next double click the folder called cubeblocks

this were all the block files are going to be found next find the file your gonna wan’t which is going to be the CubeBlocks_Thrusters.sbc file and copy it.

Making a Foundation

Now were gonna wan’t to make the foundation of our mod were gonna wan’t to go to run “%AppData%\SpaceEngineers\Mods” then create a new folder call it whatever you wan’t your mod to be called it can be changed later on the workshop double click the newly created folder and create a new folder called data next paste in the file you copied.

Creating a Mod

Now were gonna wan’t to make a new thruster with this change all we have to do is go up to the top of the thruster section and then in change the to something unique and you also want to change the display name so you can search for it easier and lastly since it a block I would scroll down till you find which is the name you will see in game and give that a unique name as well since that for connecting a block small grid and large grid versions together and close the file.

Testing Your Mod

So you either just changed a few settings or you made a whole new thing and you want to make sure the mod working basicly when you load up SE goto new game/ Custom game/ mods and there your mod should be on the top of the list and it should have a folder icon next to it instead of the workshop logo this means it a local file so now you just load it onto the world and hope there no errors.

If there are errors your best bet to read the log files or go to the keen discord for help since I dont think I could list all the things you could do wrong here.

You can find the log files in %appdata&/SpaceEngineers.

Publishing Your Mod

Now to publish the mod you want to to go to new game/ custom world/ mods and then select your mod and in the bottom right it will say publish click that and it will publish the mod.

Now if you want a thumbnail with it you put the thumbnail image in your mod folder right next to the data folder and make sure it called thumb.

Rules to SE Modding

Here some basic rules to keep in mind when modding in SE:

  • Dont copy anyone else mods with out there permission.
  • If you use a dlc model make sure you lock it beind the DLC tags.

Where You Can Get More Help

If you ever need help for example you get an error and cant work out the problem or you want to learn how to make somethink that you cant figure out the best place I can suggest is the Keen discord and the modding-art-sbc channel since there plenty of people there who know how to make mods and are happy to help.

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