Space Station 14 – How to Fix Cargo’s Ship on the Pillar Map

So you’ve spawned as cargo on pillar and see a giant cargo ship but it be buggin to hell and back this guide will teach you how to fix it and even fly it around.

Guide to Fix Cargo’s Ship on the Pillar Map

The Guide

Okay lets get started whats wrong is it doesn’t have power because the current version of the game gens suck so you might be wondering how do we get it power. In maintenance near cargo there are 2 pods just go in take its computer board cut its wires and finally take its gens and its substation as it will work like a secondary battery.

Cargo’s ship is very demanding it needs that substation.

Now that you have all this stuff in cargo go up to the airlocks you might notice they are buggy to walk thru just crowbar and opened and close the doors a few times that will solve the buggy doors issue then carry everything inside the shuttle.

Ps idk why the doors be like that probably because of the no power.

Once inside repair the ships console. Go to the back and wire up the 2nd substation and the 2 gens that will supply the ship with enough power to run and even recharge.

Thing to note before moving onto the next step never remove the walls or the airlocks. It will break it forever and never undock. I’ve seen to many people do this then get upset that it wont undock.

Okay now so we are entering the final stages i recommend moving at least 1 or 2 thrusters to point backwards so you can move backwards before undocking.

So you’ve done it you got the console working you got your thrust situated you got the airlocks to stop buggin and got power to the ship and added whatever you wanted to the ship y’all are finally ready to undock simply go up to the airlocks and press dock and undock inside the ship and outside in cargo eventually it will release the clamps it might take a few minutes to undock but it will trust me i’m a professional to cargo’s ship.

There you have it a guide to fixing the ship some notable mentions are docking mode you can double right click the console to change to docking mode which allows you to move sideways IF you have sideways thrust. also make sure to use the mass detector so you don’t get lost.

Anyways this has been my first ever guide and i hope y’all find it useful happy flying cargo.

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