Space Station 14 – How to Make Gas Grenade 100% Legal (Playtest)

In this guide i will give you a step by step on how to make a gas grenade is Space station 14. Don’t worry this wont get you banned and is always helpful when some nukies attack the station and everyone gets aa.

Guide to Make Gas Grenade

Step by Step Tutorial

Step by step on how to make a gas bomb.

Step 1

  • Play as cargo or epi (cargo has easy access to materials is close to engineering and has a lot of free time / epimestic aka science does the research needed).

Step 2

  • If playing as cargo ask epi to research chemical for beakers and chemical payload and advanced medical to get the chemical dispenser needed for the boom boom gas.

Step 3

  • Create machine frame, insert 5x steel, anchor the machine and insert 1x lv wires (green ones).

Step 4

  • Ask engineering for a circuit printer machine board and give them a reason that isnt “for making bombs”.

Step 5

  • Insert the parts necessary inspect them to see what parts are needed (you will get them from epimestic and engineering).

Step 6

  • Use screw driver.

Step 7

  • If advanced medical has been researched by epimestic go create a chemical dispenser machine board from the circuit printer that you made and repeat the same thing as for the circuit printer but with different parts

Step 8

  • Create a protolathe machine board with the circuit printer to get the ability to make timed triggers and beakers.

Step 9

  • Steal the epimestic or medical techfab to get the chemical payload to reduce suspicion (i am not responsible for the people who will die because of this).

Step 10

  • Grab 5x steel and create a modular grenade with your build menu.

Step 11

  • Insert LV cable into the grenade.

Step 12

  • Create any trigger with the protolathe (timed trigger recommended as voice triggers are more usefull for actual terrorism roleplay).

Step 13

  • Insert trigger into grenade (you can now activate it but it wont do anything since it has no load this will get you in prison).

Step 14

  • Create two with the protolathe and chemical payloads with the techfab you stole.

Step 15

  • Insert one large beaker into chemical dispenser and fill it with 50U sugar and 50U potasium.

Step 16

  • Eject the first beaker and insert the second one. insert about 50-70U of the chemical you want to be dispersed by the smoke (sulfuric acid recommended to kill someone in 1.5 seconds).

Hydrogen 1u + sulfur 1u + oxygen 2u = sulfuric acid 3u.

Step 17

  • In this beaker you have to add 15-50U phosphorus. (5U will work but will create a lot less smoke).

Step 18

  • Insert the two beakers into the chemical payload.

Step 19

  • Insert the chemical payload into the grenade.

Step 20

  • Commit mass genocide.

Congratulations you have made you first gas grenade is SS14. Just to let you know unless you are a antag you CANNOT kill anyone without reason the admins of the server will find out. Also being found with a working grenade will get you 6 minutes jail and if you are going to gas someone at least have a good reason.

ALSO do your job when you pick a role, yes messing around is fun but like… don’t be afraid to ask for help and do your job.

Also don’t go around making bombs… that’s like my thing? I’ve seen people start making bombs as epi and cargo after my recent tom foolery with sec.

This also works with mines but instead of a timed trigger you need a sensor trigger.

Like i stated in my review of the game i got banned and therefore the role of a bomb maker is open for anyone who is up for the task. But don’t worry making the bombs will NOT get you banned as long as you don’t use them against people WITHOUT consent.

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