Spaceflight Simulator – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Steam version be paid?

  • Steam version is a one-time purchase for the full game (Including expansions), as most games on Steam are. The price is USD $11.99.

Does modding be possible?

  • Yes, full modding is possible, including things such as custom parts. We are keeping the game as open as possible to allow easy modification and might even share chunks of the source code to ease the mode creation process.

If I bought expansions on Mobile, can I recover them on PC?

  • Unfortunately, no. Mobile stores and Steam are separate platforms.

Will we support mac and linux?

  • Yes! We will support as many platforms as we can.

Why does steam wishlisting matter?

  • Wishlisting the game on steam helps us build a following and ensures a successful launch by propelling the game to the steam frontpage on release day.

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