SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – Where to Find Adamantium

Adamantium Tips

Actually you can put a lodge near the mine there, after you did the event and own it, you get 1 free adamantium per week.

Same idea with some various unique locations around the world, there is a forge near the south end of the map giving you legendary gear every week for free.

Also get the mining building which gives you ore every weeks, and upgradable to give you specific ore as well.

If a mage is there … well bad luck, sadly their location is random and there is nothing you can do about it, except killing them.

Raith is one of the worst to deal with to be honest. you really need an all ligh buffed units. and if you attack them too late … their main armies are some busted t3 undead with revive, so you can’t really try to peel them with Wisps and send your big armies like other enemies.

They will always resurrect with 30% at least at the end of the fight.

If you are an enchanter and got the 4th page… use Shaper golem buffed with light damage. probably your best bet.

I had to go there with 5 war troll and a shaper golem to clean his final tower (total power was 1800+) and he had almost 2000 power.

If you are Guardian… you probably would have a better time since you can get 50% dark damage resist.

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