SpiderHeck – Basic Weapon Guide (Multiplayer Playtest)

This guide is about on how to use and abuse the weapons in this game.

Basic Guide to Weapons

Particle blade

Ah, the good old particle blade, the most basic weapon in my opinion, and the probable second best weapon in the game, use this for throwing, or for bopping around enemies.


Ol’ Reliable, can’t be blocked by most means, can’t be blocked by players atleast, 4 shots without any modifiers, all around good weapon, almost no recoil.


The railvolver, good weapon, can be deflected by players, Its a six-shooter, and best used for killing flying enemies and locusts, low recoil.


The grenade, by far the worst weapon to get, although it can be used properly if you cook it.

it has around a 3 second fuse, and it will explode when shot, apposed to particle blades that just arm it. (just a note, for every explosion in this game, it will go through walls, use this to your advantage!)

Big Particle Blade

The cruci- i mean The Big Particle Blade, most used to hit things far away from you, or to throw something the size of a tree at someone, bigger particle blades can cut a rocket at max range with out any injuries.

Rocket launcher

The rocket launcher, it holds 3 shots, and the blast will go through walls, very useful for knocking things around, or if thin enough, will just kill, the recoil doesn’t really matter because it takes a moment to fire again, the rockets can be bounced off bounce pads to add slight gravity to it unless it goes straight up.

Laser Cannon

The laser cannon. Best used when theres a horde of enemies coming after you, or you just wanna pull a mini deathstar beam from your pocket, it has 2 shots, and the highest recoil in the game, i don’t believe you can control it.

Double Particle Blade

The Double Particle Blade (DPB) you probably know this weapon because of darth maul, but, it has to be probably the best weapon in the game, its really good for throwing, and for just melee battles aswell, recently added.


The Saw, can be used as a melee weapon without any durablity, the saws it shoots will bounce around the level, it holds 4 saws. Warning! This currently has a bug that when you throw it, it has a chance to not allow you to shoot anymore.

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